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    Proven performers

    We carefully check and train our performers, closely monitor their rating


    Insurance and liability

    If something goes wrong, we will quickly recover the damage from our own reserve fund of 6 million $


    Quality assurance

    We fulfill each order under strict rules and quickly respond to your suggestions and complaints


    Green Cleaning

    Committed to protecting the health of every occupant on your property, we employ eco-friendly methods and certified green cleaning products

    News From Cap, useful news and tips

    In this blog, you can read exciting news from the cleaning world.

    Seasonal pruning of trees and shrubs

    Aug. 17th

    Seasonal pruning of trees and shrubs is one of the most important aspects of plant care...

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    Bonsai is a miniature art

    Aug. 17th

    Bonsai - the art of growing an exact copy of a real (sometimes dwarf) tree in miniature. Plant growth is regulated by the flat root system...

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    Main styles of landscape design

    Aug. 12th

    Owners of country houses strive to make the best possible use of the surrounding countryside. In the process of arrangement of the site is filled with new plants...

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    How we can pay for our order?
      We accept Cash, E-transfer, Checks
    How to order your services?

    1. First all call us, tell your expectations and needs.
    2. We define a suitable time for you and provide you the best services.
    3. If you want to make landscaping services we define a suitable time for an appointment.

    Can you provide some bonuses and discounts?

      Sure. We provide up to 5% for the first order and can give you 30% off if you sign for a plan. And sure we can give 7% off for first order for landscaping services.

    Can I ask you to use the same cleaner service?

      Yes, we will discuss the schedule and organize.

    I have pets. Can I ask you to wash the tray?

      Yes, we can provide this service additionally.

    Can you provide commercial cleaning services?

      Definitely yes, call us and we organize everything for you.

    Can you advise if something will be broken in my house after cleaning?

      Don’t worry about it. All our services have insurance for this kind of issues. But we always work in order have 0% of it.

    How I can cancel the cleaning service?

      Just call us and we define a new suitable time for you.

    How I can postpone the cleaning service?

      Just call us and we define a new suitable time for you.