Сomplete renovation of the house in Toronto and Ontario

✅Сomplete renovation of the house - is a very important process, which our company will do quickly and easily thanks to the high qualification of our specialists.✅

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Сomplete renovation of the house in Ontario

If you decide to make radical changes in your home, then you can not do with cosmetic repairs. In this case you will need a complete renovation of the house. And it is significantly different from the current or the same cosmetic repair. . In case of a complete renovation in Ontario, as a rule, a full set of works is performed throughout the house.

Changes in the geometry of the premises, demolished and erected new partitions, replaced plumbing and electrical communications in a house, change the cladding of the house, renovate the roof covering and much more. Repair of this level can be trusted only to professionals with the highest technical and practical skills in the field of repair. And it is worth applying for such repair only to the company, not to private teams.

In which case you will need complete renovation of the house?

  • First, in cases where you have seriously decided to change the geometry of the premises. If you have to break some non bearing walls, or vice versa, to build new ones.
  • Secondly, it is a new house, bought only after construction. Often, these houses are completely unfinished, and you buy just a new house without complete renovation of the house, which is in good condition to be only input hot and cold water and wiring.
  • Third, if you have purchased a house on the secondary market, and it requires a major overhaul. Then, when all the repairs in the house will have to be done again, not limited to cosmetic repairs.

And finally, the so-called old fund. As a rule, the old communications have deteriorated, become obsolete, and you will have to change the wiring and wiring of hot and cold water in any case. All this leads you to the question of complete renovation of the house, which can only be done by professionals. Turning to private professionals, you can not be sure of their sufficient competence for such complex engineering work.

Timing the capital repair of the house in Toronto:

A little bit about the timing of such complete renovation of the house in Toronto . The customer, first of all, needs to understand that the repair of such a scale is a complex, painstaking and often long process. Since you will have to make significant changes not only in the finishing of your home, but also in the engineering network and the layout – the company “Captain Handy” would recommend you to contact a professional designer at the initial stage of planning the repair. Captain Handy also provides such services.

This will not only save you nerves and time, but also save you from mistakes in the future.

Since the set of works on your home will include the dismantling of old partitions and the construction of new ones, and the laying of new electrical wiring and installation of new sewers and water pipes and much more – much more, only strict adherence to the schedule of work and the work of a well-coordinated team under the supervision of a professional foreman, will be able to save you the time of major repairs. And as the company “Captain Handy” has considerable experience in carrying out such works, we think that we can please you not only with our high quality, but also with our fast terms.

Our professionals have been working on the Complete renovation of the house in Ontario for many years, so they are trustworthy. You will make sure that the repair can be simple, where every detail will be taken into account and the process properly organized. Our team selects the materials and technologies that are appropriate for the task. There are no hidden fees or overpriced. If the company “Captain Handy” takes over the work, the price of repair of the house is acceptable and objective. Take a look at our completed work in the Gallery section.

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One review for Сomplete renovation of the house in Toronto and Ontario

5.0 rating
   Сomplete renovation
Jimmy S. Neff   
2021 January 18

We have long needed to make a complete renovation in the house, and after talking with Alex (spetsialist company), we just realized that this is the company to whom you can trust this work. As a result, we trusted and did not regret and, the result exceeded all expectations. Definitely recommend the company, just do not regret it!

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