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Budget Kitchen Renovation is a way out of the situation when you are not ready to allocate a large amount of money, but want to upgrade your kitchen. Every person who has thought about budget kitchen renovation, should read this article and find something for yourself!

Budget Kitchen Renovation – Choose practical materials for the walls

If you cook and wash dishes at least occasionally, then soot, splashes of fat and drops of water in the kitchen cannot be avoided. And this means that the walls in the room should easily withstand cleaning with household chemicals.

It is best to cope with such a task tiles, but this material is not cheap. In addition, it will have to be seriously spent on laying tiles. A more economical option – washable wallpaper on a fliselin or vinyl basis. They are resistant to wet cleaning and do not require perfect alignment of walls.

Such wallpaper can cover the whole room, except for the working area above the sink and the tile. Thus, a budget kitchen renovation will help to save money on the choice of wallpaper.

Budget Kitchen Renovation – Paint the ceiling

The kitchen ceiling, like the walls, gets dirty quickly. Because of the soot, the coating becomes yellow, and fat droplets settle on it. Therefore, paper wallpaper, hanging and stretch structures – not the best option for this room. They will quickly acquire an untidy appearance, and it will not be possible to wash them.

Another thing – waterproof paint. Covering the kitchen ceiling with it, you will easily solve the problem of cleanliness. The surface will have to be carefully leveled, but such a ceiling can be cleaned with cleaning agents. If the paint turns yellow or breaks off, you can quickly renew it.

Budget Kitchen Renovation – Install Thermal Glass

Usually, the working area above the sink and the stove is decorated with ceramic tiles. It is durable, not afraid of temperature and humidity drops, as well as unpretentious in care.

No less practical, but cheaper option is tempered glass. They are easy to install and do not require special care. It is enough to clean them regularly from drops of water and fat with a sponge. In addition, you can choose a design that will perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. This method will significantly save money in the budget kitchen renovation.

Budget Kitchen Renovation – Install wear-resistant floor

Kitchen flooring must be durable and durable. Even if you spill water, drop a piece of fatty food or a hot frying pan – the floor should remain intact. budget kitchen renovation is not only saving money, but first of all it is comfort!

Ceramic tiles can easily cope with such tasks, but this is not the only option. A good solution for the kitchen will be high-quality linoleum or moisture-resistant laminate of high strength class. But the parquet and the parquet board are not suitable for this room. Due to temperature and humidity drops, as well as other adverse effects, they will quickly become unusable.

Don’t spare money on the cooker hood

Good home appliances are the key to a pleasant and easy cooking in your kitchen. Particular attention should be paid to the cooker hood, because it will protect the finish from burning, soot and other impurities. Do not save money on the hood, even if you are doing a budget kitchen renovation!

For small kitchens are suitable flat or concealed hoods, which are hung on the wall directly above the stove or mounted in the kitchen cabinet. For larger spaces, choose a dome or T-shaped hood. In any case, the cooker hood should be equipped with grease filters. The recommended power of the cooker hood is from 150 W.

Choose chandeliers with practical lampshades

Without good lighting in the kitchen is not possible. After all, more than half a year we have to have breakfast, dinner and cook when it’s dark outside the window. A beautiful ceiling chandelier will light up even a spacious kitchen without any problems and will make it more comfortable.

It is best to choose lamps with plastic, glass or metal ceiling lamps. It is easy to remove any dirt from them. But a chandelier with fabric or woven lampshade will quickly lose its beauty and will become unusable. Also do not forget about spot lighting above the working area. Built-in locker lights are inexpensive, but they also make cooking easier.

Budget Kitchen Renovation – Buy double sink

A wash with two bowls costs a little more than usual, but in the future it can significantly reduce water consumption. In one bowl, the dishes are soaked with detergent, and after a while they are simply rinsed with water in the second compartment. In addition, you can dry the dishes in one of the bowls after washing. Budget kitchen renovation – not always cheap at the beginning of construction, but will save money in the future!

Stainless steel is one of the cheapest and most practical materials for washing. Stone sinks look more presentable, but their basic qualities and durability do not differ from steel products. It is up to you to decide whether to overpay for appearance.

Renounce the curtains

Curtains in the kitchen quickly get dirty and come in disrepair, so it is better to abandon them. A more practical option is plastic blinds or roller blinds, which are easy to clean. But even they are not obligatory in the kitchen.

By giving up the curtains, you will make your kitchen lighter and more spacious. And for the window not to look “naked”, you can decorate it with fresh flowers in pots and decorative elements.

Choose budget furniture

As you know, the cost of a kitchen set largely depends on the material of the facades. The best option for budget kitchen renovation is laminated chipboard. This material is resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. In addition, it has a variety of colors and textures.

But at the same time, laminated chipboard does not allow fine processing. This means that complex shapes, carved patterns and other finishes will be abandoned.

If you want to “play” with the design of facades, choose a kitchen from MDF. This is a practical and environmentally friendly material. It has all the advantages of natural wood, but is much cheaper.

Replace the lockers with shelves

The hinged lockers for dishes and other kitchen items can be replaced by open shelves. This will save not only money, but also space in the kitchen. Of course, you will have to keep order on the open shelves, but they can also be used as a decorative element. It is enough to arrange the dishes, jars for bulk products and spices beautifully.

By the way, the kitchen shelves do not need to be ordered in the workshop. They can be made of ordinary boards, which are sold in any construction store. You just need to pick up the right size, varnish the wood and install unusual brackets. You will get beautiful and budget!

Here we finish our project about stylish and budget kitchen renovation. If you have your own ideas that will help to renovate your apartment cheaply and tastefully, share them in comments!

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