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When making repairs in the bathroom, the question arises – what material to choose. The bathroom wall decoration can be very diverse. We decided to help in making a decision. In this article we will name the most popular finishing options and list the pros and cons of each source.

Ceramic tiles – out of fashion and out of time. Bathroom wall decoration.

This is a classic variant of wall decoration. Although the universal source, used by many in the arrangement of bathrooms, yet the design can be surprised. On sale is a huge number of original and exclusive tiles, which will impress anyone who visits the bathroom.


  1. Long service life. No material can surpass this quality. Even in bad conditions, ceramic tiles will last many decades.
  2. wide choice of decor, sizes, shapes.
  3. easy maintenance – no equal. Dirt is easily and quickly washed away.
  4. High moisture resistance.
  5. Practicality and maintainability. Even if the surface is damaged, the tiles can be easily replaced with another. And do not need a full repair.
  6. Resistance to temperature fluctuations, which very often happens in the bathroom.


  1. Laying ceramic tiles is a complicated process. It is necessary to order the services of specialists.
  2. High price, if you have not done tile laying before. In this case, you need to pay for the services of specialists. Usually, laying a 1 sq. m. tile costs the same amount as the material itself.

Plastic panels – simplicity and practicality. Bathroom wall decoration in Toronto.

The budget material is considered plastic panels. Not only the cost is one of the most attractive to repair the economy class, but also the installation is cheap. And if you want to save money on installation, then no problem. Even a beginner in the construction industry will quickly understand and perform the installation perfectly.


  1. Bathroom wall decoration in Toronto are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.
  2. Now you can buy plastic panels in any color and with the most unusual patterns. The choice is huge and everyone will find the material to their taste and preferences.
  3. Installation is quick and easy. You can install it yourself.
  4. Behind the plastic panels can hide pipes, wiring.
  5. Excellent hygiene. Contamination can be easily washed off.
  6. Low cost.
  7. Serve for a long time.


  1. Easily subjected to mechanical stress. A medium strength impact will cause serious damage.
  2. Condensation is collected on the surface of plastic panels.
  3. the material is flammable.

Paint – long forgotten old. Bathroom wall decoration in Ontario.

This is one of the budget options to create a unique bathroom interior. Solutions for finishing – mass. Many throw this method away, as they remember how the walls looked like before. Now on the market there is a wide range of products for dyeing. A little “magic” and the result will exceed all expectations.


  1. This way of decorating will please your eyes for a long time. It should be noted that it depends directly on the quality of the colorant.
  2. It is easy to apply paint on the walls.
  3. you can create a unique interior. With the help of paint, you can draw a luxurious picture that will resemble a mural.
  4. The process of applying the paint does not take much time, and the finishing material dries quickly.
  5. If you need to make the wall monochrome, then this finishing material will be the cheapest.

The minuses:

  1. For the application of paint surface of the walls should be carefully prepared. The slightest defect and it will be immediately noticeable.
  2. It is not recommended to use the paint near a water source. This applies even to water resistant products. It is necessary to combine finishing materials.
  3. if you need to draw an original and complex drawing, you will need the help of an artist. This is exactly the kind of bathroom wall decoration in Ontario that is not a cheap pleasure.

Wallpaper – an indicator of originality and exclusivity.

They believe that wallpaper is not the most practical material for creating bathroom interiors. But this is a mistaken belief. The source itself is inexpensive and easy to glue, it provides an opportunity for experimentation and new ways to decorate walls. Sometimes the result is stunning.


  1. There is a wide range of finishing materials on the market. It is easy to choose the wallpaper according to style and preferences.
  2. Low cost of rolls. The average cost of wallpaper will be much cheaper than ceramic tiles.
  3. if you buy a waterproof finishing material, it will serve a long service life.
  4. Such cheap bathroom wall decoration is an opportunity to make more frequent repairs, thus changing the design and style of decoration.
  5. You can glue it yourself. If you order the services of craftsmen, it will be inexpensive.


  1. Not all wallpapers are suitable for use in the bathroom.
  2. The finishing material is easy to damage. Scratches and tears can be clearly seen on the surface.
  3. When finishing the walls are visible joints and connections.
  4. Even waterproof wallpaper can not be used in the shower cubicle and above the bathroom.

Self-adhesive film – exit from the shadows

By choosing this design of the bathroom, you can create an unrivaled interior. The material was in the shade for a long time and was not used in finishing works. Today, the source is popular. It is able to transform any room.


  1. The price of self-adhesive film is very low. The material is available to absolutely everyone.
  2. On the market there is a wide range of colors, colors and tones. With ease, choose the right one.
  3. The film is easy to apply to the surface.
  4. Maintenance of the material is easy. To wash off the dirt, you need to use a wet cloth.
  5. Bathroom wall decor is environmentally friendly and will not harm your health.


  1. Self-adhesive film is a cheap finishing material. Even a drawing in the form of an imitation stone, wood will not hide its value.
  2. The film cannot be glued near a water source. It will quickly leave the wall and reveal all the defects of the wall.
  3. The material is not durable and the film will justify its price with the slightest impact.
  4. For the application of finishing material to align the wall and eliminate all the defects. Otherwise it will be noticeable.
  5. It is difficult to glue the film itself. You will need the help of relatives or specialists.

Decorative plaster – a clear favorite in the interior. Bathroom wall decoration.

One of the successful materials with which you can create an entire architectural ensemble in the bathroom interior. The decorative plaster looks spectacular, rich and pompous. But it should be remembered that for finishing it is required not ordinary plaster, but special types of plaster: Venetian, corduroy, Marseille wax.


  • This is an opportunity to create an interesting, refined and unique drawing on the wall.
  • Modern materials make decorative plaster waterproof, so it is not afraid of moisture.
  • The source is easy to apply on the walls and takes the necessary forms.
  • The material is able to create a luxurious design and bring a royal gloss to the bathroom.


  • Some kinds of material have high cost.
  • Bathroom wall decoration requires craftsmanship. It is necessary to order the services of a master, and his work is not cheap, but the company “Captain Handy” will do everything at the most pleasant price.
  • Not all plaster is suitable for bathroom decoration.

Artificial stone – natural beauty. Bathroom wall decoration in Toronto.

Such finishing material is very popular recently. Rarely does one risk in bathroom design to include an artificial stone. But if you have already decided to go for experiments, you will not be disappointed. Bathroom wall decoration looks spectacular and stunning. With it, it is easy to create a luxurious and solid interior. Using it, the bathroom will become the pride of its owner.


  1. The artificial stone has a beautiful and attractive appearance. It immediately catches the eye and causes delight.
  2. The stone is resistant to various mechanical influences, so it will last longer than other source stones.
  3. the material is resistant to mold and fungi. Even after prolonged use, they will not be.
  4. Installing an artificial stone is a simple and fast procedure.
  5. The material used is safe for the human body.
  6. Artificial stone can be used in any part of the bathroom, even in the shower cubicle and above the bathtub.
  7. Such decoration is perfectly combined with other materials. Therefore, it is possible to create original combinations of source materials.


  1. Although an artificial stone is cheaper than a natural stone, it will still hit your pocket significantly when you finish the bathroom
  2. Low repairability. If the stone wall is damaged, it is extremely difficult to repair it.

Plasterboard and silence ensured

Such bathroom wall decoration is rarely used in the interior. Although it has many advantages. Specialists insist that the interior of the bathroom should be purchased waterproof drywall. This will allow its use in places where there is a source of moisture. The only exception is the wall in the shower cubicle.


  • With drywall, you can level the walls, hide the defects and make them perfectly flat.
  • The material itself weighs very little.
  • Drywall will provide sound and thermal insulation of the room.
  • With the material create an unusual decoration, bringing in unusual architectural forms.
  • The price of drywall is low and accessible to all.


  • The sheets of drywall have an unremarkable appearance. To create a special interior, you will need to decorate them.
  • To install the sheets of drywall is not so easy. For this purpose, you will need special components.

Linoleum – non-traditional material for walls. Bathroom wall decor ideas

This is a new approach to the design of the bathroom. Not just new, but also bold. Linoleum is very rarely used for bathroom wall decoration. However, an ordinary material is not suitable for such decoration.


  1. Long-lasting material. Even with intensive use will maintain its aesthetic appearance.
  2. Special wall linoleum looks stunning. Most often imitates wood, stone or marble.
  3. Linoleum can be laid in places with a source of moisture. 3. It is relevant even in the shower room.


  1. Quality and special linoleum is required to create coziness. And it costs a lot.
  2. linoleum is fixed in an unusual way and in an unusual position, so the help of specialists is needed.
  3. it is necessary to seal the seams.

Above listed are the most popular finishing materials to create an original and stylish interior. What kind of bathroom wall decoration will be appropriate? It’s up to you to decide.

As for the rest of the surfaces, then follow our blog or contact our company directly and we will discuss together not only the bathroom wall decoration, but also offer a variety of design solutions and more.

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