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Perfectly smooth surface of the walls is a prerequisite for the repair of the room at the proper level. Alignment of walls is divided into external and internal. External walls should have a surface without visible damage and irregularities for applying a layer of insulation, as well as for decorative coating. Interior wall leveling is a preparatory stage for further decoration work.

Alignment of walls in Toronto – preparatory phase

 Initially, it is necessary to determine how much the wall surface deviates from the ideal geometric proportions. If it is enough to wipe off possible irregularities with the adhesive solution when aligning the outer walls, the situation with the inner walls is much more complicated. Builders use several tools to determine the evenness of the wall:

  • Construction level;
  • Plumb line;
  • Laser level;
  • Construction angle.

Traditional tools are applied to the wall horizontally, vertically and diagonally, measuring the deviations of walls from the tool plane. Fix the plummet in the form of a small weight on a tight cord in the vertical position, then also measure the deviations. Working with laser leveling is easiest.

And the right angle, usually made of aluminum, are used to measure the degree of evenness of angles. Also, before you start leveling the walls, you should remove all decorative coating from the walls: wallpaper, paint, drywall elements. Experienced craftsmen carefully diagnose the previous coating of the walls – if they are putty, in time there may appear cracks and irregularities that need to be removed.

Small defects are cleaned with a metal brush, larger ones are partially or completely knocked down with appropriate tools. If the defects are within 10mm or more, the best way to level the walls is to plaster the beacons or close the walls with sheets of drywall. If the defects are not more than 8mm, you can only do the alignment with a thin layer of decorative mixture.

Alignment of walls – types

There are several common methods for aligning walls, namely:

  1. Plastering (by beacons and without them);
  2. Installation of drywall sheets (with or without a framework);
  3. Application of putty.

There is a wide range of mortars for plastering. Mixtures on a cement base are mainly used for the alignment of the outer walls. Soft and snow-white plaster mixtures are used only for the internal walls of the room.

 If you know certain recipes, this mixture can be prepared by yourself. Plaster on a clay base is used for finishing walls made of clay, brick and wood. Lime and cement-lime recipes are also used for external and internal walls.

If it is necessary to level the walls without any special defects, plastering in several thin layers without beacons is quite enough. The base layer should have the consistency of thick sour cream, and the finish layer should be a little more diluted. When dry, the wall surface is also necessarily wetted with water to prevent cracks from forming.

The system of special beacons most often has the form of metal plates with protrusions, which are glued to the walls and serve as a guide. A master requires a certain skill and professionalism in order to install them as evenly as possible. Plasterboard sheets are usually mounted with a construction adhesive on a gypsum base with obligatory control by means of a construction level.

Mounting on a base made of metal frames allows you to simultaneously install a layer of sound and thermal insulation material. The disadvantage of this method is the reduction of the useful area of the room.

Alignment of walls in Toronto. In conclusion.

Smooth walls – a guarantee that the finishing materials will look the way they should and will last as long as possible. Let the process of leveling the walls is quite labor-intensive, it should be treated with maximum responsibility, so that from now on you can only make cosmetic repairs, refreshing the atmosphere in the house.

And if you need to make the alignment of walls quickly and with high quality, you should contact professionals in the field of repair. Only experienced specialists in the field of repair will do everything quickly, on time and without any problems. Such specialists are employees of the company “Captain Handy”, just leave an application on the website or call us by clicking here.

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