Balcony repair in Toronto and Ontario

Balcony repair in Toronto and Ontario by Captain Handy include: ✅Balcony repair, ✅Glazing of the balcony, ✅Floor repair on a balcony in Toronto, ✅ Best Price!

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Balcony repair in Ontario

For owners of small apartments, balcony repair in Toronto and its redesign is an additional extension of living space, and the free space to use at their discretion. After the final works, the balcony may turn into a dressing room, a room for classes and games.

Glazing and balcony repair in Ontario

The company “Captain Handy” repairs and glazing of balcony and loggias, our prices will surprise you with their availability and predictability. Professionalism and experience of our specialists, use of quality materials make the process of balcony arrangement effective and stable.

We will promptly, in a short time and inexpensively make from an ordinary balcony a cozy room, which will add additional meters to the living space. Taking into account your wishes and possibilities, we will be able to offer:

  • insulation and balcony repair in Ontario – involves redevelopment, insulation, lighting installation, finishing and flooring. All these services will turn the room into a real oasis of coziness and peace.
  • repair without insulation – includes inexpensive surface finish, which will protect against rain, snow and making the interior of the room modern.

What is included in the list of works:

  • Drawing up a design project and estimate;
  • Dismantling of worn structures;
  • Selection and delivery of materials;
  • Cleaning and removal of construction waste.

Repair and glazing of the balcony in Torontowith the construction company “Captain Handy” guarantees high quality of work, execution of the order in the agreed time and at a fixed price. We offer three types of lighting: cold, semi-warm and warm, and in addition, we perform repairs and construction of balconies, this service is very relevant for residents of houses built in the middle of the last century.

Price of balcony repair in Toronto

The price of balcony repair in Toronto is our significant advantage, we can confidently say that they are the most attractive in our segment, thanks to the well-established work with suppliers, the number of orders and transparency in pricing. We do not pursue short-term benefits and value our professional reputation.

Repair of balcony and loggias with the company “Captain Handy” promises clear benefits to the client and satisfaction with the fruit of his work to us. We accept orders from Ontario residents by phone or online. To be sure of the quality of our work, you can read the photo balcony repair, made by our professionals.

Floor repair on a balcony in Toronto

To make the repair look complete, you need to replace the old flooring with the new one. Floor repair on a balcony in Toronto involves replacing worn-out wooden flooring with modern flooring, among which the most popular are considered: parquet or laminate, and, of course, the old acquaintance – linoleum.  Now the repair and finishing of the balcony will look winning on the background of the laid floor.

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