Basement renovation in Toronto and Ontario

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Basement renovation in Toronto

Basement renovation in the house can solve existing problems with locking the floor and walls as a result of waterproofing, or significantly reduce heating costs through insulation. It is also possible to take a new look at the basement renovation – expanding the useful area through a comprehensive repair with finishing work. Device in the newly renovated basement of the utility room gym, dressing room, spa area will significantly increase comfort and increase the market value of the house.

To turn the basement into a cozy room, you will need to assess its current condition, as well:

  • examination of the foundation and the soil underneath it with possible reinforcement;
  • waterproofing of the floor, ceiling and walls;
  • sealing of joints and slab connections;
  • laying new or repairing existing utilities with anti-corrosion treatment;
  • Thermal insulation of the floor, walls and floor slabs with a vapor barrier device to prevent mold;
  • arrangement of a comfortable staircase with a reliable door.

Order a basement renovation easily

Before the basement renovation in Toronto, depending on the purpose, specialists determine the list of technologies and materials used. When it comes to industrial use, it may be enough reliable and inexpensive concrete coating. Basement renovation, which is planned to operate as a living or auxiliary domestic rooms, it is recommended to perform with special attention to the moisture resistance of all coatings.

In this situation, it is difficult to imagine the basement renovation without such waterproof and durable materials as:

  • ceramic tiles or stone;
  • plastic panels;
  • porcelain tile or stone, plastic panels;
  • mineral plasters;
  • moisture-resistant paints;
  • mineral wool for thermal insulation.

Depending on the situation may require cosmetic or overhaul of the basement. If the first case is assumed to perform a minimum amount of work to eliminate irregularities, cracks in building structures, the implementation of a full range of finishing measures, in the second – will require a comprehensive approach.

The standard list of works includes:

  1. repair or implementation of new engineering communications;
  2. installation of hydro- and heat insulation;
  3. execution of redesign;
  4. construction of additional partitions;
  5. performance of electrical installation works;
  6. the device of ventilation, air conditioning;
  7. decoration.

Basement renovation in Ontario: stages and list of works

When planning the basement renovation, the list of works to be performed should include:

  • elimination of any damage to the building foundation;
  • drainage of the basement (if necessary);
  • repair of drainage systems;
  • restoration of all engineering communications;
  • waterproofing, soundproofing, heat protection;
  • finishing works.

It is important to consider the need to follow fairly accurately the technology of each type of operation. All stages of repair and restoration work of the basement walls are carried out in a clear sequence, require attention to the subtleties and details, as well as comprehensive preliminary examination of the object by specialists.

Cost of basement renovation works

Standard prices for basement renovation in Toronto are formed based on the area of the room, its technical condition and the list of necessary works. In order for such a project to be successfully implemented, it is important to timely attract specialized specialists.

They will examine the object, agree on the terms of reference and, based on the data obtained, will calculate the cost of repairing the premises.The cost of Basement Renovation in Toronto may vary widely enough depending on the location of the object, complexity and timing of work. But do not worry, because the Specialists of the company “Captain Handy” masters of their craft, by contacting them you can be sure that they will make a quick and quality basement renovation in your house.

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