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The main thing to learn at the planning stage of interior wall renovation in Ontario is that the designer and builder often have different views on the proper use of certain materials. As a result, uncoordinated actions at the project stage often lead to additional costs on the part of the homeowner.

The cause of errors when interior wall renovation. Home repairs in Maple.

Designers pay more attention to the aesthetic perception of the project as a whole, sometimes even ignore the purpose of interior partitions. Builders focus on the practical part, where it is necessary to take into account not only the weight of the materials used per square meter, but also the humidity of the premises, cantilever load, thickness and other factors. All these factors are necessary for the quality repair of internal walls.

So, to get the desired result in the interior wall renovation, it will be necessary to work together with the designer and builder. Below are some items that need to be looked at.

Sound insulation of walls. Home repairs in Woodbridge.

Since the sounds in the room can spread in different places: due to the vibration of internal and supporting walls, floors and in the air, then it is necessary to detect and systematize the weaknesses of the sound insulation of walls.

Constructive example, which will provide the greatest sound insulation of walls:

  • The laying of the foam block 75 mm thick;
  • Assembly of the frame from the profiles on vibratory hangers;
  • Installation of plates 50 mm soundproofing;
  • Sewing sheets of drywall.

Interior wall renovation in Woodbridge is accompanied by a certain technology. Frame of profiles, soundproofing and plasterboard are mounted on both sides of the masonry of the foam block. In cases of limited load on the floor slabs in old houses, assembled partition frame using vibratory hangers, sound insulation with a thickness of 80 mm. After all, everything is closed with drywall – this will create sufficient sound insulation of walls.

Laying of communications. Home repairs in Ontario.

The most important component of all interior partitions are engineering communications, which are laid by grooving grooves in the brick, foam block or carried out inside the framework of drywall structures. According to statistics, today they spend much more cables than it was done a couple of years ago.

A good example will be duct air conditioners, which require the installation of a network of ducts, which are separated in all rooms. This factor must be taken into account at the design stage, which directly affects the choice of building materials.

High console loads 

One of the most important structural requirements. When planning wall cabinets in the kitchen set, hinged toilets and sinks, heavy paintings, etc. must be used very strong partitioning materials, that is, building bricks, pozogrebnye plates without voids. You can also use masonry foam block, but should not use drywall construction.

Ecological safety. Home repairs in Maple.

Not everybody pays attention to this factor at the moment of choosing materials for interior wall renovation in Maple. But think about it at least for the health of your children.

  • Unacceptable to use inside the living space cinder-block brick, which consists of man-made salts of heavy metals.
  • Should not be noise-insulated walls cheap mineral wool because of the likely loss of formaldehyde – use brand certified “clean” sound insulation.
  • Do not decorate bathrooms with plastic panels. They are ready to accumulate electrostatic charges, according to this – to collect “magnetized” dust from the back of the lining.
  • There is no need to decorate bathrooms with plastic panels. They are able to accumulate electrostatic charges, respectively – to collect “magnetized” dust from the back side of the cladding.

When asked which interior walls are the most environmentally friendly, the unambiguous answer is from logs. Pines, spruce, cedar. This is an organics capable of “breathing”, making healthy, moreover, a useful local climate in residential buildings. But can you imagine this picture in an apartment? Stereotypical thinking of progressive artists, who are tied to the standards, does not allow to recreate the Canadian interior in the conditions of the residential area. Norms concerning fire safety in homes also limit the introduction of such a magnificent natural material.

The second place after the tree in “purity” is occupied by gypsum pazogrebnoy board, aka “pazogrebnoy”. As a result of an insignificant number of impurities, on 3rd place foam block and building brick, which is made of clay.

In addition

With a combination of the above requirements, interior walls are required to take as much of the minimum amount of required living space as possible. It happens that an insulting oversight in the design work in a few centimeters can increase in the great “headache” when placing the planned furniture.

To emphasize the accent in the room in the walls are carved niches and hollows of different geometries. With the release of the modern development of electric fireplaces, perfectly modeling live fire, almost everyone loves to brighten up their own living rooms with such an innovative hearth, requiring a separate wall assembly. Luxurious arches, soft rounded forms, other interesting and interesting configurations – it is all quite possible to do, if you observe the conditions of technologically competent combination of innovative ideas in the repair of interior walls in Maple with knowledge of progressive construction. Our company “Captain Handy” will help you with all this, you can call us or write us your questions on this address .

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