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Let’s take a look at how to do bathroom renovation yourself.  What tools we will need to do this. What difficulties are waiting for us and how to overcome them.

How not to miss important moments when repairing the bathroom. Why a high-quality repair with your own hands will not always be cheaper than the repair by hired workers.

Where to start bathroom renovation.

Like any other construction and repair enterprise, you should start with the project and estimate. We have to figure out what exactly we want to see in the renovated bathroom. Make a detailed list of what we need:

  • furniture
  • bathroom fixtures
  • home appliance

Then you should calculate the arrangement of all the above, taking into account access to communications. For example, it is not always possible to lay the sewer in the place where you would like to install a washing machine or shower cabin with a required slope of 2% (2 cm per 1 meter of length). Therefore, take into account in advance such a moment, so as not to suffer further with constant clogging of the sewerage system.

After you have “put” everything in its place, think in detail about the design that would suit you. And start laughing.

If you fit into the budget, you can start bathroom renovation in Toronto on your own. To do this, you need to understand what tool we will need.

Necessary tool for bath renovation.

Usually, those who start repairing with their own hands already have some tool in their arsenal. If you are going to buy the necessary tool for bathroom renovation from scratch, we strongly recommend you to think about whether it would be cheaper to hire workers with your tool? Because the cost of work is usually 50% of the cost of finishing and communications materials, and the cost of the tool may even exceed this amount.

 A tool for quality bathroom renovation in Toronto is not cheap. And if in the future you do not plan to do independent repairs, it will be a waste of money. Consider leasing or selling the tool afterwards. So, what will we need:

  • a perforator with a wide chisel, drills, a mixer attachment
  • bedding tool
  • plastic pipe soldering iron
  • tile cutter (if you plan to finish with tiles)
  • spatulas
  • diamond crowns
  • power kit
  • conventional plumbing kit

Procedure of work at bathroom renovation in Toronto.

First, you need to turn off the power supply and water. Then take out of the bathroom all the furniture and bathroom fixtures. But do not hurry to throw it away. If you have good but old furniture, consider its restoration.

After cleaning the room, hang the doors tightly with film or cloth and start cleaning the ceiling, walls and floor. The old whitewash should be washed off, the paint should be removed with a drill with a nozzle or a construction hair dryer. The tile should be beaten off with a wide chisel punch.

 Do not forget about construction glasses, respirator and gloves. Dust and small chips tiles are very dangerous.

Take a close look at the old plaster and floor screed. They should be strong, fairly even and without cracks. Otherwise, they will have to be replaced.

When replacing the floor screed, consider installing a warm floor. Fine irregularities and imperfections can be repaired with tile adhesive by priming the surface well.

Sewerage system. Bathroom renovation in Ontario.

Let’s proceed with the replacement of communications. First, we are engaged in sewerage. Here the important point is the insulation of pipes and compliance with the slope in the horizontal wiring of pipes.

Be sure to insulate sewer pipes foam polypropylene, because the condensate can severely damage your repair in the future. Do not forget that the sewer pipes are running warm air. And the riser pipe is usually “sewed” by various partitions, screens, etc.

This significantly prevents the external ventilation of the riser pipe. Therefore, on the outside of the pipe is formed condensate, from which then goes moisture, dirt, rot, fungus. Another plus of insulation will be an increase in noise insulation.

Recall that the slope of the sewer pipe in the horizontal plane should be 2% (2 cm per 1 meter of length). This slope makes it possible to flush garbage through the pipe in the flow of water. If the gradient is higher, the water will go faster than the garbage, and if the gradient is smaller, the garbage will stagnate.

Water supply. Bathroom renovation in Ontario and Toronto.

Then we change the water pipes. The modern Bathroom renovation involves concealed pipe layout. Therefore, you will have to deal with the strobes for pipes.

 Consider a locker or niche with a door near the water riser pipe for inspection and location of the main shut-off valves. In this case you can always easily turn off the water in the bathroom.

    An important point: when you have laid pipes under the faucet on the wall, connect any old faucet (or a carefully closed new one) to the outlet and plaster the pipe line. Or use a special fixing bar to fix the fittings. This will fix the endings in the desired plane, so that they will not “look” in different directions.

Electric. Cheap Bathroom renovation in Ontario.

The next step is to install electrical wiring. Choose wires with good insulation, clarify this point with a consultant in the store. All sockets and lighting fixtures should also be made especially for rooms with high humidity.

 In no case should you install “normal” sockets and switches. Now the choice makes it easy to find a suitable option. Provide protection of new wiring from short circuits and the ability to disconnect the bathroom separately from the rest of the home.

Ceiling. Quality bathroom renovation in Ontario.

Then we start working on the ceiling. With modern bathroom renovations in old houses is not uncommon to reduce the ceiling level. They make a stretch ceiling or a suspended ceiling, build into it spotlights, etc.

The main thing here is not to forget that the ceiling can not be made of ordinary drywall, and that you can not close the ventilation opening. Ventilation is very important in the bathroom. We take into account that the air supply to the bathroom should be at the opposite end of the exhaust opening.

 Usually as a “supply” are the holes at the bottom of the entrance door. Think about removing humid air from the room on the opposite side. Do not forget that if you have a small bathroom, ie 3-6 square meters, you will need forced ventilation.

Buy and install an extractor fan. If the room is larger, the forced ventilation is installed in case of insufficient draught in the duct.

Floor. Quick bathroom renovation in Toronto.

After the ceiling we go to the floor. If you need a new screed, we do it. If possible, warm it up.

We put a floor covering. The most common flooring is still ceramic tiles. When installing it, we are guided by the principle that you should start the installation from the most visible place.

 Usually this is the entrance. So that the tiles are cut under the bathtub or furniture. But tiles are not the only option for finishing the bathroom.

Now popular are moisture-resistant types of wood, such as teak and larch. It is certainly expensive, but very beautiful.

Walls. High-quality bathroom renovation in Toronto.

Then we move to the walls. Before finishing the walls, make sure they are primed. If you finish the walls with tiles, here, as in the case with the floor, the installation begins with the most noticeable place.

 If you decide to paint the walls, then choose a waterproof paint that does not let in steam. And the wall before painting coat with penetrating waterproofing. If you chose the plastic or other wall panels, the waterproofing also take care of.

 Take into account that the frame of the purlins under the panel can not be made of wood. In a closed panel space, the wood will rot very quickly. In addition, it will be a source of fungus and other disease in your bathroom.

 Choose a galvanized metal profile. Or glue the panels to special sealants and adhesives like “liquid nails”.

Installation of furniture and bathroom fixtures

The next step in the bathroom renovation is to install furniture and connect plumbing. Handle with new appliances carefully, do not forget to read the instructions before installation. After installation, make a test run and check for leaks, correct operation of the devices, etc.

If all is well, congratulations! You have successfully completed the bathroom renovation with your own hands. And this is not an ordinary event.

We hope that our manual has helped you organize your thoughts, and perhaps taught you something. But if you are still not sure of your abilities or something went wrong during the bathroom renovation. We advise you to contact the excellent specialists from the company “Captain Handy”

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