Bathroom renovations in Toronto

Bathroom renovations in Toronto and Ontario are a great excuse to upgrade or build a beautiful bathroom at a great price!

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Bathroom renovations in Ontario

Captain Handy performs turnkey bathroom renovations in Toronto. From cosmetic work on surfaces to complex projects with non-standard engineering solutions and specific materials.

Due to the specifics of the premises, repairs in them require special attention and approach. Often the space is limited, but you need to level the walls, place plumbing, furniture, everything you need, getting a beautiful design + comfort. It is also worth considering the high humidity of the room.

Using expensive materials for finishing, it is especially important to entrust the work to professionals. A large number of proposals from companies and private craftsmen – this is a wide choice, on the one hand, and on the other – the risk of poor quality services, loss of time. It is not always the case that the customer receives a qualitative result for the sum of money voiced and within the agreed terms. Repair in the bathroom in Toronto with the help of our company is the best offer in the market of services!

Advantages of our services in repair of a bathroom:

The key advantage of our offer is the quality of service and the clarity of the process. A detailed estimate is prepared before the start of work, there are no prepayments and a guarantee is provided for the services.

When contacting our company, the interests of the client are protected:

  • We are working under a contract, which defines the stages of work on the project, the number of necessary materials and deadlines.
  • Services ” turnkey bathroom renovations ” are possible. We will help to choose, buy and deliver all necessary.
  • During repair on object cleanliness is maintained, before delivery cleaning is carried out.
  • The process is controlled in two stages: by a foreman and a process engineer before delivery to the customer.
  • No prepayment for services is provided. Calculations are confirmed by payment documents.
  • Warranty for work performed is 24 months.
  • The company employs about 60 people, there is no staff turnover, so each facility employs professional specialists with 5 years of experience.  Each team is fully staffed with the necessary equipment.
  • With a modest budget, we offer different material options to save where possible, without losing quality.

Repair in the bathroom – the main stages:

When assessing a project, we define a list of works and make an estimate, specifying all necessary materials and their quantity. You can buy everything by yourself or order a turnkey bathroom renovations – purchase materials, their delivery will be performed by our staff.

Usually the process begins with the dismantling of the old finish and competent organization of the pipeline. Pipes are hidden in the walls, the installation of the collector is performed. This allows to optimize the existing space, avoid complications with the maintenance of plumbing, modernization of the pipeline.

To avoid underflooding of neighbors, unnecessary trouble in the future, performed waterproofing bathroom. Walls before finishing are opened with special compositions that prevent the formation of mold, fungus and microorganisms. Separately taken into account the need for ventilation, floor heating.

Floor leveling, wall and ceiling finishing is performed. Choice: type and design of tiles, shower cabin or bath, sanitary ware. When installing tiles, grout joints are made with a special composition that allows you to improve the tightness and durability of the finish. Precisely calculated the size of the room after finishing. This is necessary for planning furniture placement, the possibility of finishing walls with tiles without trimming.

After the completion of work specialist conducts testing. Installed appliances, furniture, installation of filters for water supply systems.

We also repair the toilet and combined toilets. Most often these works are carried out simultaneously and allow to close all the issues with the pipeline and sewerage, getting the comfort and possibility of their comfortable use.

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