Bedroom Renovation in Toronto and Ontario

✅Only you decide what the bedroom will look like, because you are the one who falls asleep here and wakes up for a long time. And the company "Captain Handy" is ready to make your dreams of a perfect Bedroom Renovation come true!

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Bedroom Renovation

That’s where we spend the third part of our lives. Therefore, thinking of the bedroom renovation in Toronto, it is necessary to provide such designer techniques that will help make a cozy, comfortable room, not forgetting its purpose. All the elements of decoration and furniture in the bedroom should contribute to a full relaxation, the ability to relieve the load of daily troubles and gain energy for the upcoming day.

What to consider before bedroom renovation?

First, it is necessary to develop the design of the future room. If you have not yet chosen where in your house will be a bedroom, give preference to an isolated and light room. The bedroom, as a rule, in addition to the sleeping place there are various pieces of furniture – cabinets, pedestals, mirrors, as well as ceiling, floor, wall, and table lamps. All this should be placed taking into account the size of the room and the zoning of space in the bedroom.

Estimate for work in the bedroom

As soon as you decide on the design, you should make an estimate. We will help you calculate the amount of building and finishing materials needed for repair. We will help you to save on them without worsening the quality of work. We will help you to buy materials at a discount. We will implement all your ideas, any design solution in the shortest possible time.

The order of finishing work when bedroom renovation

Repair should begin with the removal of old coatings and redevelopment of the room, if necessary. At this stage, it is possible to demolish old and erect new partitions, replace radiators, electrical installation work, replacement of window openings and windows, replacement of doorways and doors.

Wall decoration in the bedroom

The next stage is wall decoration. First, they need to be leveled with plaster or drywall. The advantage of using drywall is a perfectly flat surface of the walls, the disadvantage is the reduction of the room area. The plus of plastering is the preservation of the room area, the minus – a long and laborious process.

What materials to choose for bedroom renovation?

As a finishing materials for the bedroom it is recommended to use only natural materials. Paper wallpaper is a good choice. Textile wallpaper will look original. If you are a creative person – will be suitable fliselin wallpaper for dyeing, which can often be repainted, thus changing the style of the room. If you want your bedroom to be unique – use decorative plaster as a finishing. Choosing a color scheme for finishing materials on the walls, you should give preference to the range that is more pleasant to you. But you should not forget about the unity of style. A classic color solution for bedrooms are gentle light shades of pink, blue, green, pearl, etc.

Which floor should be in the bedroom?

The floor in the bedroom must be warm. Therefore, a warm floor system would be ideal. Laminate, parquet, linoleum, cork can also be used.

How much does it cost to repair a bedroom in a private house ?

The cost bedroom renovation depends on the complexity of the possible redevelopment, the area of the room itself, the amount of construction work required, the timing of work, the use of modern technical solutions and technologies, the type and quality of materials used. The final cost is specified in the estimate of finishing works, which are calculated at the rates you can see in the price. We can advise you on the best options for bedroom renovation in Ontario, taking into account the allocated budget and your wishes. In any case, the choice is yours!

How to order repair services for a small or large bedroom?

Bedroom repair is one of our frequently ordered services. We will responsibly perform any budget type of interior decoration of your bedroom, repair the bedroom for a comfortable rest. You can order individual finishing works or complete repair of your bedroom with us by filling in the feedback form. Or by calling us. Having ordered repair in our company “Captain Handy”. You will get an excellent job for reasonable money.

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5.0 rating
   Bedroom Renovation
2021 January 7

Used the services of the company to renovate the bedroom. In short, the specialists advised us how and what is better to arrange and helped with the choice of materials, also did everything quickly and accurately. I was especially pleased with their sociability and help with minor issues. Thank the company and all the professionals, thank you very much for the renovation.

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