10 secrets of effective cleaning from a five-star maid's hotel

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If anyone knows everything about cleaning, it's the maids at the hotels. Their vast experience and a lot of advice can help you in cleaning the house. The following are some secrets on how to clean the house quickly and efficiently.

1. First of all, clean up the mess

First, maids dispose of garbage, remove used towels, bed linen and everything that needs to be taken out of the room. In the bathroom, they remove the rug, bottles, soaps, and everything that stands on the shelves and sink. This will help to resist the temptation to simply wash the surfaces around all of these objects, or to put them right after wiping on a wet surface, leaving stains.

2. Use microfiber cloths

The secret to effective dusting is choosing the right cloth. Microfiber is best, and if you don't have one, use 100% cotton fabrics such as a baby diaper, pillowcase or an old T-shirt. A terry towel or polyester cloth does not remove dust, but simply brushes it off.

3. Knock out the curtains from the dust between washes

The best way to remove dust from the curtains is to knock them out with a towel. There are vacuum cleaners with a curtain nozzle, but they do not allow you to remove dust from all the folds. Knock out all the dust with a towel and then just vacuum the floor.

4. Vacuum the floor before you wash it

Before you start cleaning the floor, you need to vacuum or sweep it. Start at a far corner, moving towards the door.

5. Clean the bathroom last

It is better to start cleaning from the bedroom and finish in the bathroom to minimize the spread of bacteria.

6. Cleaning products take time

Let the cleaners do your job. Spray the walls of the shower room and toilet with special products and leave for a few minutes. Use this time to clean mirrors, windows, drawers and shelves. Then go back and wash the surfaces with much less effort.

7. Vacuum backwards

Since we were kids, we've been trained to vacuum from the far side of the room towards the exit. But the maids in the hotels first vacuum parts of the room with a lot of traffic, and then the whole room to clean the most polluted places twice.

8. The maid's favourite cleaner

We can suppose that maids use some special means, but their best cleaner is vinegar with water, which also removes white traces left by other cleaners. Fill the spray bottle with one part of the vinegar and three parts of the water.

9. Use a toothbrush

Of course, you don't have to brush every inch of your home, but it will help you get to some places in the rooms and bathrooms.

10. Always keep everything at hand for cleaning

The maids fold everything they need to clean up, on handy carts. Following their example, make a mini version: fold in a plastic bucket rags, brushes and other items. This will allow you to save time during the cleaning process. Store the bucket in the storage room or laundry room.