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How to make a patio on the site - building a patio. Part 2

With a hearth (bonfire)

Very interesting is the patio with the hearth in the middle. It is made of stone, refractory brick in the form of a bowl. It is cheaper to take a portable fire bowl.

Sofas, armchairs and chairs are placed around the fireplace. The furniture material will suit anybody:

  • stone hills, complemented by soft seats and pillows;
  • benches made of solid wood, pallets and boards;
  • wicker chairs, bamboo chairs and armchairs made of vine.
  • To decorate the interior, you will also need handy means in the form of old car tyres, plastic bottles. Tires also make original furniture and plastic containers - unusual flower vases, garden paths, fences.

    For the floor is allowed to use pebbles, paving tiles, stone.

    Street cinema

    In addition to the area for evening rest, cooking in the open air patio can also serve as a home theater.

    To do this, you need to buy a projector and a dense white canvas, which will serve as a screen. It is easier, but more expensive to order a multimedia board.

    Our team will make the best option for your home!

    The projector is connected to the receiver and your favorite movie, series, appears on the screen.

    It is important to think through the placement of people and to select the furniture according to it. It is not necessary to install massive sofas or armchairs on a small site. It is enough to do with compact wooden benches and chairs.

    Under the roof (pergola or canopy)

    If the free space allows, it is convenient to divide the patio into several parts: a cooking corner and a dining area under a canopy, and to leave an open area for sunbathing.

    As the roof is necessary for protection against rain, creating shade, you can make it out of budget materials:

  • Cellular polycarbonate;
  • Dense PVC fabric according to the type of tarpaulin;
  • Glass.
  • Buying sheets of corrugated board is not recommended, as the droplets falling on it, will create a lot of noise.

    It will also serve as a roofing and beach umbrella.

    If funds are available, the retractable rain canopy can be made step by step in case of rain. Otherwise, it all depends on the imagination of the owners of the estate.

    Popular patio styles

    Let's disassemble modern design trends in the decoration of the courtyard of a private house.

    Greek (Mediterranean)

    Perfectly suited for sloping terrain with elevation differences. If they do not exist, they are built artificially, dividing the patio into zones. In order to make it easier to cross, tidy stairs and steps are laid out.

    In the Greek style there is no excessive luxury, complicated patterns, other exquisite elements.

    Of finishing materials used:

  • tree;
  • ceramics;
  • stone;
  • concrete;
  • pebbles;
  • marble chips.
  • The color scheme is presented in delicate shades:

  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • lemon;
  • beige;
  • azure;
  • white.
  • The use of textiles with stripes and vegetative patterns is allowed.

    The Mediterranean-style patio includes cascade fountains, an artificial stream and a swimming pool.

    Palm trees, cypresses, olives, citruses and other thermophilic trees and shrubs are planted along the perimeter. It is better to plant them in large containers so that they can be quickly transferred to a heated room for winter.

    Furniture is selected with wicker furniture (chairs, rocking chairs) and decorated with striped pillows.

    Large vases, amphorae and ancient statues will add to the atmosphere.

    If the patio is supposed to have a canopy, then curved plants are planted along the perimeter.