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How to make a patio on the site - building a patio. Part 3


The style of French romance is characterized by simplicity of lines and absence of luxury.

It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of patio provanza, made of boards. It concerns not only the floor, but also the canopy to the site.

Among other finishing materials are found:

  • brick;
  • stone;
  • tile tiles;
  • wooden beams.
  • Light shades prevail:

  • ivory;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • lavender;
  • raspberry;
  • creamy.
  • Furniture is selected from wood, metal, painted in light colors, as well as wicker furniture.

    Chairs, chairs should be comfortable, with armrests.

    From the plants should be taken species that are grown in the southern regions of France:

  • lavender;
  • field flowers;
  • sunflowers;
  • irises;
  • decorative poppies.
  • Planting plants in ceramic vases, wooden stands.


    The differences in this design direction:

  • Minimum number of decorative elements.
  • Finishing materials - brick with metal, stone.
  • Simple modern furniture.
  • Pastel tones are used for black or dark brown contrast.
  • Floor covering - concrete, brick.
  • The loft style is a minimum of furniture and a maximum of free space. Therefore, chairs and tables are chosen to be compact and functional.

    Metal chairs with brick partitions and concrete floor look great.

    The basic requirement to fixtures - simplicity of design.

    Art Deco

    The style is suitable for large areas.

    The peculiarity of art deco is the use of zigzag, curved forms in the interior. Any patterns on the furniture, floor should be in the form of squares, trapezes, rhombuses or abstract.

    Contrast is an important condition when selecting a colour scheme. Black tones are combined with white, beige with dark brown, red with gold.

    It is not allowed to use vegetable patterns.

    Floor coverings are made of paving, ceramic and tile tiles with alternating colours.

    Lamps and lamps with frosted glass should be used when installing the lighting. The interior elements will be suitable for imitation of animal skins, various statuettes with African motifs.


    It is used for flooring:

  • natural, artificial marble;
  • stone;
  • clinker brick;
  • wooden beams, planks.
  • furniture made of solid wood is decorated with carved parts. Forged chairs and tables are used.
  • Around the patio many climbing plants (rose, ivy, grapes) are planted. Olive in pots looks interesting.
  • There are no restrictions in the color gamut. Bright details are welcome.

    Italian elegance will complement that:

  • clay products;
  • pictures;
  • statues.
  • The elements must be an imitation of antiques or an original with mythological motifs.