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How to clean from dust and dirt the main symbol of America – Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the main American icons. In her "year of birth", in the distant 1886, the majestic figure of a lady with a torch poured into the sun with new copper. But over time, the shiny sheets of metal covering the statue were oxidized and turned green. Of course, the noble patina did not take away the Iron Lady's folk love. Experts explained that the green layer of copper even protects the masterpiece from the wind and bad weather. And yet, every monument requires regular maintenance, cleaning and restoration. So, in the course of recent cleaning from the Statue of Liberty 272 kg of chewing gum were molded.

"General cleaning" of the statue has always been an extremely difficult task. Cleaning specialists need to climb to a huge height, to clean the surface with complex terrain, and try not to damage the patina. The World Wide Web has preserved a 1930 video of industrial climbers washing the Statue of Liberty. At an altitude of 93 meters, one janitor lies on the edge of the crown, leaning against its convex center. And the second one swayed on a rope with a huge risk to life, increasing the amplitude to reach hard-to-reach places. In those days, such extreme "cleaning" was carried out almost every year.

In 1986, the world's leading Iron Lady underwent a complete restoration to mark her 100th birthday. As a cleaning agent for the general cleaning of the Statue of Liberty it was decided to use ordinary soda cook. It was not without mistakes: after washing the statue, grayish divorces appeared on her left cheek and on some parts of her right hand.

At the moment the Statue of Liberty is closed to visitors, and the reason for this is also cleaning. This time, professional cleaners are dealing with the consequences of Hurricane Sandy on Liberty Island. It is known that this "general cleaning" cost the authorities 59 million dollars!