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Hotel cleaning: accents are made on the finer points of hotel cleaning

The profitability of the hotel business directly depends on the comfort of the guests, cleanliness of the hotel rooms, design of all rooms, decency of the staff. However, much more attention should be paid to cleaning, because if a hotel cannot boast of perfect order - it will not be saved by a chic design.

Undoubtedly, full cleaning of hotel premises has specific differences and features that must be taken into account to achieve the most effective result. Hotel service must comply with all state standards, rules and regulations of hygiene. Therefore, to ensure impeccable cleanliness of hotel rooms, experienced teams of cleaning companies are increasingly involved.

Outsourcing will help, if the own staff can not cope with a large volume of load or in a seasonal lull, when it is unprofitable to keep extra employees. In order for the residents to feel comfortable in the premises of the hotel cleaning must be carried out with the use of professional chemistry, highly specialized machinery and equipment. The list of primary essential cleaning works includes:

  1. Regular, ongoing, complete cleaning of hotel/hotel rooms;
  2. Substantial monthly general cleaning;
  3. Intermediate (surface) cleanliness;
  4. Mandatory cleaning of the room after the departure of visitors and preparation for the entry of new ones;

Undoubtedly, cleaning in the hotels is not limited to cleanliness in the rooms of the guests - in the hall, reception and other rooms, rooms, hotel rooms are also regularly maintained order. Special detergents clean and disinfect carpets, wash to the shine of glass and mirror surfaces, disinfect plumbing, remove dust from the elements of decoration and electrical appliances, etc.

The occupied living quarters are cleaned up directly in the absence of residents. In some situations it is possible to clean in the presence of guests, but only with their permission. As a rule, professional equipment, tools and chemicals are used.