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Effects of cleanliness on health

A mess in the house is both a build-up of dust on the floor and surfaces and things scattered around the house. This state of affairs affects not only the physical but also the psychological health of the person.

Where does the dust and dirt in the house come from

Dust gets into houses all the time. These small particles are brought in with clothes and shoes in the form of grains of sand, salt crystals and soot from the street. Another part of the dust comes from open doors and windows. All this together and leads to dirt on the surfaces of the house. The dust particles are so small that they are constantly in the air and are in the airway with it.

Why is it so important to clean up? It is always nice to be in a clean home, and a good atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and doing household chores. It is nice to have guests in a clean space and you always want to come back here.

Physical health

Dust isn't just ugly. Its composition can have a negative impact on human health. Dust mites, toxins, pollen and microorganisms get into the body along with inhalation of household dust.

One of the most negative manifestations of dusty rooms can be allergies. It is manifested by constant runny nose, mucous inflammation, sneezing and coughing. It can even cause skin rashes.

Maintaining order, ventilation and damp cleaning minimize the negative impact of dust on the human body. This is especially important in homes where young children live and dust can cause asthma.

Of course, it is impossible to destroy absolutely all dust in the process of cleaning, but it will help prevent the development of diseases associated with inhalation. Wet cleaning, air purification and steam cleaning help to clean the air.

Psychological health

There's a mess in every house. But for some, it's a temporary phenomenon, which they eliminate quickly and without problems, and for others, they live in disorder all their lives, and even accumulate a lot of unnecessary junk in the house.

Scientists and psychologists argue that a person feels much worse about being in a mess, and that the mood and desire to work disappears because of constant discomfort. Feng shui specialists have found a connection between purity and relationships with people, financial well-being, and of course, health.

How exactly does purity and order affect human health?

  • Arranged things help to concentrate on important things and emotions. Therefore, only in full order will you be able to work more effectively and not to be distracted by unnecessary things.
  • Order makes a person calm and balanced. And in a state of disorder a person develops depression, and there is no desire to clean up and enjoy life.
  • Purity allows you to organize your thoughts, which makes work and life as a whole more effective. In addition, people watching for purity are more organized and luckier in life and work.

In addition to psychological and health problems, disorder creates everyday inconvenience. When the house is clean and tidy, and all things are in place, there is no need to waste time looking for them. And this is especially annoying in moments of haste.