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Build a deck with the best price for the client - our main task! Turning to us, you get a great build at the best price! Check out the master all over Ontario - free!

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The deck is a boardwalk platform which is usually made of wood or composite materials. Build a deck is ideal for sloping areas if you need a flat surface. If your home is more than 14 inches above the ground, the platform is sure to be for you.

It is also suitable for houses that are above the ground or in the basement as you can build a deck at any height. Our company can build a deck very quickly and with high quality!

The countryside can be designed as a free-standing pergola, a closed veranda at the entrance to the house or as a deck. The deck in Toronto has a number of features that set it apart from other buildings:

  • usually it is a common deck with the house or a separate foundation connected to the house;
  • such a structure is devoid of walls, so it does not protect from wind and rain, respectively, is intended mainly for recreation in warm seasons;
  • can be located near any wall of the house and even ring the building (as opposed to the veranda, which is located at the entrance);
  • the deck is made spacious to accommodate all guests.

Customer Reviews

5.0 rating

2 reviews for Build a deck

5.0 rating
   Build a deck
Alex Banayan   
2020 May 2

It was a great experience for me to work with Alex and his team. Alex himself and his team were professional from start to finish. We were happy with the finished deck and I am thinking that this will add new value to my property.

I can recommend using Captain Handy if you want some landscaping job for your home. I plan some other project for my property for next season and hope to deal with you again.

5.0 rating
   Aaron Wilcox   
2020 June 8

We hired Alex to demolish a mudroom at the back of our house and replace it with nice looking deck. Also we decided to install a wooden fence around. Few days later as agreed Alex’s team has come and they handled everything from demolition, to building our new deck and fence. We were very pleased with the result. We highly recommend Captain Handy for great workmanship and professional skills in every action.

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