Carpet installation: what you need and how to do it

Carpet is one of the universal floor coverings, which can create comfort and coziness in your home. Our company "Captain Handy" can make carpet installation fast and not expensive.

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Carpet installation

Carpet is a very popular material, which is increasingly used in homes for flooring. The secret of its popularity is not only in the cheapness and wide range, but also in the ease of installation. Carpet installation is not difficult to perform by yourself, although for optimal results, it is still better to invite specialists – then the carpet will have a professional look and will last for a long time.

The advantages of carpeting:

  • Rich choice of colors and textures that will help decorate any interior, and when using the right shades to visually expand the boundaries of a small room.
  • Safe when walking, does not cause slipping.
  • Improves the air quality, half the dust in the room.
  • Easy cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Has a fairly good sound and heat insulation, which is especially important in the presence of cold floors.
  • It is treated with fire components, so it will not catch fire in case of fire.
  • Carpet has a low weight, which makes it easy to transport or move it to another room.
  • Long service life.

Choosing a place where it is better to install the carpet.

It is believed that the carpet is a universal material, and carpet laying can be done in all rooms. However, experts warn against carpet installation in some rooms. After all, carpet repair is not an easy task.

  • If the humidity during the day exceeds 75%, and the temperature drops below +16 or rises above +27 degrees. First of all, these are bathrooms, bathrooms, summer kitchens, etc.
  • In rooms where warm floors are installed, they are not compatible with carpeting.

All other rooms are perfect for carpet installation, while the price remains affordable for most families.

The process of carpet installation itself can be performed in several ways. The simplest of them is free without fixation. It consists in the fact that a piece of material is cut out and placed on the floor, without attaching anything. For such a carpet installation the price is minimal, because there are no additional costs.

More complex, but at the same time more qualitative and reliable – installation with fixation. It has varieties: laying carpet tiles on the adhesive, with a fixation on the perimeter, stretch installation, installation with double-sided tape. The most time-consuming option – fixation on the perimeter of the room, because you have to remove the skirting board, and then put them nanovo, but the carpet then lies exactly one year.

Carpet installation: the price on which it depends.

As mentioned above, carpeting is not only a cheap material in itself, its main advantage – low-cost installation: the price of a carpet installation in Toronto is much lower than other flooring materials – laminate, parquet, etc. The cost is formed depending on the type of installation (free cheaper, with fixing more expensive – perform additional work and use of materials for fixing – tape, glue, rivets), as well as the characteristics of the material itself, floor covering, area of work.

Why should I entrust the carpet installation to “Captain Handy”?

First of all, we have qualified, and equally important, experienced specialists. They will install the carpet in Ontario quickly and accurately.

The second is our prices. It is unlikely that you will find a service that will make you repair the floor of the same high quality for such money.

The third is our authority. We have already become very popular. And the word about us is spreading more and more widely. Old customers provide us with the most positive recommendations for their friends. Namely, the feedback of old customers are the best advertising and characteristics for any company.

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   Very fast work
2020 December 19

Thank you for the quick and high quality work, very satisfied with the company’s services.

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