Complex repair of the house in Toronto and Ontario

✅Complex repair of the house together with our company "Captain Handy" will leave you only positive emotions and will definitely make your neighbors and friends jealous.✅

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Complex repair of the house in Ontario

In case of purchase of a new house, or if the condition of the house purchased on the secondary market was poorly cared for, you need not a partial, but a complex repair of the house. After all, it includes a complete repair of all premises inside your home. Our specialists will have to work with all areas of finishing: floors, walls, ceilings, plumbing and electrical work.

 You can change the layout of the house, tear down some of the non bearing partitions and build new ones. There will be replaced or laid new communication routes, ventilation systems, heating and sewerage networks. New electrical appliances will be replaced or installed. After completion of work in the sanitary nodes, the following sanitary equipment will be installed and connected to the networks: bath, toilet, sink

The advantages of complex repair

The pros of a cheap complex repair of the house in Toronto are obvious. You get a completely new repair! You do not have to think about how much more you will serve your old wiring, whether you will flood your neighbors, due to worn-out risers and old sewer pipes. You’ll be able to change the layout of your home to best suit your functional needs. And if the customer uses the help of a professional designer provided by Captain Handy or any other company, the most trivial room can be turned into a dream that fully meets the aesthetic vision of an ideal home.

Such significant changes as complex renovation of a house will require many highly qualified specialists. Company “Captain Handy” will try to put these problems on your shoulders as much as possible. From project development to assistance in selection and purchase of rough and finishing materials. The customer should be ready that such large-scale works on complex repair of your apartment are connected with the fact that it will be temporarily impossible to live and even stay in the house.

Why is a complex repair of a house worth doing in the company “Captain Handy” ?

For a quality complex repair of the house in Ontario, it is reasonable to hire a repair and finishing company. After all, all types of work are in close cooperation and dependence on each other. And to build the right technological process, to withstand the schedule of work and make quality repairs on time – this is under the power of only proven and experienced professionals.

Again, the company “Captain Handy”, in contrast to private craftsmen, will provide on ALL types of work carried out in your apartment warranty. And you will be insured against the fact that, even taking some kinds of work, and after some time, having discovered a defect, you can not find the executor.Another advantage of working with our organization is that you will be sure that the complex renovation of a house are performed by professionals.  Whereas it is not easy to assess the qualification of the invited private master to a person who is far from repair work.

Well, practice shows that a quality complex renovation of a house from one company, when all kinds of work is performed by one organization, for verification is always cheaper than to collect “hodgepodge” of individual specialists. The company “Captain Handy” with pleasure will turn your room into an apartment. And not just into an house, but into the house of your dreams!You can also see our work done in the gallery section, where there are several sections and store many photos. Or contact us via “Contacts” section.

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5.0 rating

One review for Complex repair of the house in Toronto and Ontario

5.0 rating
   Complex repair
Donald R. Morgan   
2021 January 18

Contacted the company in order to do a complete renovation of the house. Despite the complexity of the work, the result was excellent – everything looked like the cover of the magazine, we were more than pleased. We recommend this company to everybody. We will apply again without hesitation!

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