Concrete Kerbing

The concrete kerbing is an excellent landscaping element that will surely look good with garden paths. Beautiful price and quality of work!

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Concrete Kerbing

Kerbing are used to distinguish between pedestrian and green areas in individual and civil construction, landscaping. It is an obligatory element of an accomplishment, performing aesthetic and limiting function.

In contrast to casting reinforced concrete structures on site, the installation of concrete kerbs for paving tiles has advantages:

  • reduced time – paving can be performed for 3 – 4 days instead of waiting for the concrete to fully cure for 2 – 3 weeks;
  • increased productivity – no formwork or reinforcement work, the concrete is consumed an order of magnitude less;
  • manufacturability – on curvilinear sections it is difficult to install a kerbing , sidewalks can be made any configuration of the path, recreation areas.

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