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Concrete pavers are suitable for any type of site. A huge range of opportunities to create a variety of concrete buildings! From tiles to columns! Free consultation.

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Concrete Pavers in Ontario

No construction site can do without concrete pavers. Foundation construction, monolithic erection of buildings, manufacturing of columns, paths, swimming pools – all these tasks require preparation and casting of cement-based mortar. The prices are most often individual, the builders call them only after the site inspection. They depend on a variety of factors: from the season to the type of reinforcement and formwork.

Types of work

Concreting involves several stages:

  • preparation and transport of the material to the pouring site;
  • installing the formwork and reinforcing it;
  • direct pouring;
  • maintaining optimum humidity of the mortar during setting and curing;
  • dismantling the formwork.

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