The entrance to the house is the main and main part of the house. Unlike the rest of the design, the entrance to the house is the owner's business card!

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Entryways to the house is considered one of the most important attributes of any architectural structure that can give uniqueness and individuality to even the most modest building. The entryways to the house skillfully sets the tone for the whole room and its interior. The entryways to the house is not only a porch or front door, it is a single complex, which includes a vestibule or area in front of the entrance, as well as various architectural elements. If the house has an annex, it will also be considered an entrance to the main part of the house. The number of entrances to the house depends on the building and the desire of the owners, but it should be remembered that the entrance is the main accent of the whole room, which can tell about the whole house at once.

The entryways to the house. Variety

 If the house is large enough, you can make it a few entrances: the main, household and recreational. Each of these entrances will be responsible for its own area:

– The front (also the main one) will lead to the main part of the house – the living room (or large hall), and will be connected to the kitchen and staircase (if there is one).

– The household entrance is responsible for the cleanliness and order of the house. It must not intersect with the main entrance and the main rooms so as not to contaminate these rooms.

– Recreational entrance means access to the garden or yard.

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