Front Yard Fencing

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It is impossible to imagine a country plot without a fence. This front yard fencing is necessary not only to highlight the boundaries of its territory and prevent unwanted intrusion of outsiders, but also to protect the site from winds, dust and debris. A front yard fencing can also play a decorative role if it is made in accordance with the general style of the site. Before selecting a particular type of fence for a summer house, it is necessary to define the functions assigned to it and analyze the operating conditions.

Front Yard Fencing

A front yard fencing or decorative fence is the first thing a guest, neighbour or just a passerby who is interested in the summer house encounters. In addition to protective functions, the fence must undoubtedly have aesthetic qualities, as a separate decorative object of the estate or in combination with other elements of the landscape. The fence fully reflects the character, wealth and taste of the owner.

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5.0 rating

One review for Front Yard Fencing

5.0 rating
   Jack E.   
2020 June 5

I called two fencing companies who would not do small jobs and found Captain Handy on the internet. Alex, who came to my house, was a professional and I was impressed, we discussed everything and decided to move forward.

The job, when finally done, was beautiful. Construction team made the fence exactly how I wanted it and just in a few days. I am completely satisfied with the resalt and Alex professional skills. I can recommend them to everybody.

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