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Gardening & Planting

Planting a Garden

Planting a garden can be quite daunting for anyone who is not blessed with a green thumb. It is also extremely time consuming for just about anyone who is working. Let Captain Handy help and make your life easier! Our landscape experts will work with you to design your garden based on your needs, personal taste and preferences but at the same time, take into consideration the characteristics of the land.

Design Your Outdoor Oasis

We will help you choose the perfect tree, shrub, or flowers that will compliment your garden and flourish in the terrains surrounding your home. We will work with you from designing to planting, to completion every step of the way. For larger and more elaborate or commercial projects, our award winning landscape architect, will draft a landscape architectural plan that will encompass both hard landscaping, such as interlock pavers and flagstones to soft landscaping elements like plantings as well as special features including water elements, garden décor and lighting.


If your lawn is seriously infested with weeds or is barren of lush green grass, its time to start fresh with new sod. At Captain Handy, our professional landscapers will come to your premises and first prepare your grounds for the sod. To give your new grass the best chance to flourish, we will remove the top 2 to 4 inches of soil from your yard then top it back up with nutrient rich top soil. Once the ground is properly, we then lay premium quality sod that will transform your backyard once again to soft and lush green grass.


Proven performers

We carefully check and train our performers, closely monitor their rating


Insurance and liability

If something goes wrong, we will quickly recover the damage from our own reserve fund of 6 million $


Quality assurance

We fulfill each order under strict rules and quickly respond to your suggestions and complaints


Green Cleaning

Committed to protecting the health of every occupant on your property, we employ eco-friendly methods and certified green cleaning products

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