Granite Paving

Granite paving is one of the most popular finishes for pedestrian zones in the city and private houses. Paving of platforms, parking lots, squares around the house is also done with granite.

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Granite Paving in Ontario

The company Captain Handy offers its clients a wide range of services related to landscape design. One of the types of such services is granite paving – a set of works associated with the coverage of tracks and areas available on the site and carrying a variety of purposes. Thus, increases the comfort of movement on the site and there is a special aesthetic design. Specialists in landscape design often call paving the final stage in the transformation of an improved site.

Carrying out paving granite of the site or adjacent territory, you will achieve:

– restrictions on the movement of people in lawn and bedding sections;

– opportunities for comfortable movement on the territory of the site in any weather, including during rain;

– beautiful design of approaches to different objects;

– giving more originality to the landscape design of the site.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 rating

2 reviews for Granite Paving

5.0 rating
   Granite Paving
2021 January 15

Very happy with the work. There was an old paved walkway in bad condition, guys redid everything very neatly and quickly, especially liked the individual approach in communication. In general, very pleased with the work and will apply again, thank you very much!

5.0 rating
2021 January 16

Contacted this company for the service granite paving. Before that, we went to another company and were not satisfied, to put it mildly. We were very pleased with the services rendered by “Captain Handy”. The specialists are real professionals, we were also pleased with a good communication and individual approach. We are grateful, we were satisfied and we will use them again!

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