Home extension in Toronto


Someone only dreams of their own home, and someone has been living in it for years. And it is not uncommon for homes built for small families to turn into a place where several generations gather.

Home extension in Ontario – what are the options?

Second floor

Of course, this is not a cheap option, but it will allow to increase the area of the home extension in Toronto almost twice, and the additional “squares” will not take up space on the site. It is necessary to consider that for such changes it is necessary to dismantle a roof of the house completely, and then to collect it back. Also carefully study the strength of the foundation and the bearing capacity of the walls of the ground floor.

For the construction of the second floor it is better to choose lightweight panels, frame technology or aerated concrete. These materials will not put a heavy load on the first level of construction.

If desired, the second floor can be larger than the first floor. You just need to erect support columns for it along the perimeter of the lower floor walls. This option is also good when the load-bearing capacity of the ground floor is small and cannot withstand the superstructure.

Home extension in Toronto along the long facade

For such an home extension in Toronto it is possible to extend one of the roof slopes and build a new building under it. Or to build a separate roof for the construction in Toronto.

If the additional space is to be used as a garage, patio or terrace, it does not require a very strong foundation. These lightweight structures provide little shrinkage and have minimal impact on the main structure.

If, however, you are planning to build a fully-fledged living room as home extension in Toronto, the foundation of the house needs to be carefully studied. When building an extension foundation in Toronto, there may be an additional load on the ground, which is likely to affect the stability of the old foundation, and in the future it will distort the walls. Therefore, it is better to consult with specialists and thoroughly investigate everything before construction.

Home extension in Toronto – addition

It’s one of the most popular extensions. There is often a patio or terrace at the end. Often – fully glazed. Also, this option can be used to expand the kitchen.

If the terrace is closed, you can equip it with heating and get a full room.

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