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Home improvement in Toronto will help to give your home a beautiful look, which is always one of the main reasons for your comfort and standard of living.

Cozy and beautiful yard – a dream of many homeowners. Any territory adjacent to the house can be designed so that it will look harmoniously all year round. The adjacent area is constantly in need of care of a caring owner, manifested in the form of home improvement and landscaping work.

The complex of works on home improvement of the territory includes landscaping, paving of paths, creation of decorative ponds, decorative lighting, irrigation system. Home improvement of the territory should begin with an assessment of the natural relief of the site, as well as the existing greenery. In this way, you can either completely transform and beautify the site near the house, or add to the existing landscape conditions.

In this case, it is important to maintain the design of the area in a uniform style, as well as to weigh the size of individual functional zones with the scale of the entire site.

Complex of works on home improvement in Toronto

  • creation of communication systems – lighting, auto watering, drainage, drainage;
  • paving of paths and sites;
  • creation of retaining walls, improvement of multilevel terraces;
  • installation of fences and fences;
  • laying lawns, the creation of hedges, mountaineering, rockeries;
  • gardening with the help of decorative groups of trees and shrubs, and fruit trees;
  • creation of playgrounds for children;
  • breaking down flower beds and flowerbeds;
  • creation and design of water devices – ornamental ponds, brooks, waterfalls, fountains;
  • construction of arbours, installation of benches;
  • installation of decorative elements – garden sculptures, flowerpots with plants, forged products.

Planning of home improvement in Toronto and landscaping works

The following factors should be taken into account during the planning of activities for the home improvement and landscaping of the adjacent area:

  • terrain and terrain features;
  • climatic conditions;
  • existing and planned design style;
  • selection of suitable plants for greenery.

Preparatory work:

  • a list of functional zones should be drawn up based on the preferences of the residents of the building, which should be provided in the adjacent area. The zones can be separate or perform several functions at the same time. When arranging landscape design on the territory, the following zones may be allocated: a game zone, a recreation zone, as well as flower gardens, a garden and a pond;
  • further, it is necessary to think over the future design of the site;
  • make a plan of the site on a scale, to include existing buildings, trees and shrubs;
  • plan the costs and select the materials required for construction, decoration and landscaping.

The main principle of home improvement in Toronto is landscape design. At this stage, all future plantations, flowerbeds, mountaineering areas, ponds, paths are marked out, and the markings of irrigation and landscape lighting systems are coordinated and corrected.

Landscape gardening of the adjacent area

The green plants on the site themselves create an impression of peace and tranquillity. Playing on decorative elements: flowers, fruits, woody textures, leaves and fragrances will help you reach a certain appeal and refinement. Thanks to these components it is possible to create an original composition even in the most limited area.

It is possible to present the architectural style of the residential building, decorate the walls, fence and other objects on the site, with the help of thoughtful landscaping. When choosing plants, you should first of all take into account the peculiarities of the climate of the area.

It should be remembered that in the future to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the adjacent area behind greenery will require regular care, which includes: watering plants, pruning branches of trees and shrubs, as well as weeding flower beds and mowing lawns.

The complex of procedures for landscaping the site includes lawn laying, creating floral compositions of flowers of different varieties and colors, planting trees and shrubs, installation of watering system, the formation of alpine hills, creating compositions on the plane.

There are a lot of options for landscaping the adjacent territory. These include planting of coniferous plants, decorative deciduous and fruit shrubs and trees, various flowerbeds and lawns, compositions of stones, sand and dwarf trees. At the same time, you should take into account that these compositions look harmoniously in different seasons.

A beautiful element of landscape design is the creation of “green walls” of climbing plants. They change the appearance of the usual stone fence, making the space inside the courtyard more welcoming.

Home improvement of the adjacent area is impossible without coniferous plants, they remain attractive all year round, and their tart aroma is able to lift the mood even in the darkest of minutes. On large areas will look good compositions of mountain pine, blue spruce. If the area is not too extensive, you can plant hedges of juniper, tui or berry yew.

And how wonderful the hills look alpine slides. A real riot of colors, delicate moss, lush grass turn these improvisations into exquisite architectural and floral works.

What affects the perception of the landscaping?

First of all, the perception of the landscape area is influenced by the right lighting that can work wonders at night. It is lighting that can favorably emphasize the decorative and aesthetic characteristics of plants, change them to unrecognizable. Scattered light gives volume to compositions, while frontal streams of light, on the contrary, conceal space. The developed system of illumination by experts of company “Captain Handy” will help to surprise friends and acquaintances, creating in evening and night time unique kinds.

Improvement and landscaping will make your home area cozy, functional and comfortable. Landscape design in Toronto from our specialists is always a harmonious combination of layout, relief lines, greenery and architectural forms.

Landscape design, greening, landscaping from the company “Captain Handy”

The specialists of our company have been engaged in landscape design for many years in Toronto, Aurora, Mississauga, Bolton and all over Ontario. The works that we perform: design, improvement and landscaping, creation of decorative water reservoirs, installation of engineering communications, paving, as well as further maintenance of the territory. Having ordered in the company “Captain Handy” landscape design “turnkey”, you will get a site that will be a real pride for you.

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