Interior finishing in Toronto and Ontario

Interior finishing in Toronto and Ontario - with the help of "Captain Handy" is a great opportunity to do quality work at a great price! Finishing work of the house , interior plaster , interior decorative wall finishing and much more!

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Interior finishing in Ontario

Interior finishing of the house in Toronto – a means of creating beautiful interiors. Specialists of “Captain Handy” work with a lot of finishing materials. Interior finishing in Toronto  by specialists of the company – a real art!

Interior finishing in Toronto together with “Captain Handy” is the guarantee of excellent results!

Stages of interior finishing in Toronto

Modern repair is difficult to imagine without interior decoration. Finishing can improve the performance of walls, ceiling, floor. Also, it is a good way to decorate a room.

Properly executed finishing work in Toronto – a guarantee of increasing the level of resistance of building materials to aggressive environmental factors. We will name a number of the most common types of finishing work in the apartment.

  • Stretch ceiling – a way to decorate the ceiling and protect it from excessive moisture: most of the stretch structures for ceiling decoration are moisture resistant.
  • Plastering is a good solution for removing the unevenness of walls for further painting, gluing the wallpaper. Decorative plastering is also common.
  • Wall decoration with wallpaper is a complicated process that allows to make rooms more beautiful and better.
  • Painting will also help to create the right style in the room, but it also requires smooth surfaces for high-quality wall lining.
  • The parquet perfectly keeps warm in the room, significantly improving the appearance of the floor.

Interior finishing of walls in Toronto – painting

The option of finishing with paint is one of the least obvious. It is hard to imagine what a room will look like after being painted. A can of paint is less obvious than, for example, the drawing of a roll of wallpaper.

Choosing the right can with the color you like is half the case. And before painting, you need to do a number of preparatory work.

  • Alignment of surfaces.
  • Primer
  • Puttying.
  • Grinding.

An important condition is the absence of irregularities, cracks and potholes on the surface of the wall, ceiling. When painting a house from a bar, apply protective substances against mold and fungus.

Interior finishing of the house with wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most popular finishing materials. Also, involves a preparatory part of the work. Here, too, we need flat walls. Therefore, the surfaces are plastered and putty.

Some types of plaster allow me to glue the wallpaper, without prior application of putty and primer.

The method of gluing and the adhesive used are different for different wallpapers. For example, fliselin wallpaper does not need to be preapplied with glue. You only need to apply an adhesive to the surface of the gluing.

Traditionally, after gluing the room is left for a day, preventing drafts and temperature drops to dry out the wallpaper.

Interior plaster finishing in Toronto

Decorative plaster – a powerful finishing material that allows you to create unique beautiful interiors. It also allows leveling the surfaces, eliminating the defects of builders. In terms of composition, this finishing material is divided into 4 groups of mixtures.

  • Mineral.
  • Silicate.
  • Acrylics.
  • Polymeric.

Interior plaster finishing in Toronto requires preliminary preparation of the base by removing the old finish and removing cracks, potholes. Cement mortar is used for surface levelling. Then a primer is applied to improve adhesion. Having prepared the building compound, a craftsman applies a decorative coating, then decorates the applied compound.

Interior decorative wall finishing in Ontario

Interior decorative wall finishing in Ontario is a true art that requires a lot of experience and skill. Decorating a room requires many subtleties. Start this procedure by choosing the style of the room and the selection of necessary materials: paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, wall plaster, wall panels for wall cladding. The finishing material must be safe, high quality and meet modern trends in the world of design.

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