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Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Captain Handy

Is a professional garden irrigation installation company which offers certified services Irrigation Installation at an affordable installation price. We offer high quality residential and commercial garden irrigation installation, and also provide our customers with:

  • Fixed prices, no hidden fees, discounts for booking more than 1 service
  • Service available 365 days a year, no added charge for holidays and weekends
  • Supply and installation of all kinds of irrigation equipment and systems

Each plant needs watering to stay alive. Watering your garden by hand is not always easy, especially if the site is large and has many flower beds, terraces, lawns and grass. If you have a large enough plot or no time, then an irrigation system will suit you best. Captain Handy provides irrigation system installations for landscaping your territory.

Our garden irrigation installation and maintenance service

We are experienced and certified irrigation experts and will arrive to perform a detailed assessment of your garden, lawn or other outdoor space. We will discuss your plans and will help you lay out and design the most efficient, energy and water saving irrigation system.

We will prepare a price offer based on the assessment. If you agree to it, we can supply, deliver and install all the equipment and parts for the irrigation system, in accordance to the instructions. We can design your sprinkler system from beginning to end, or can repair it and provide you with the proper maintenance required.

Irrigated systems are crucially important for the life of each and every plant. If you have a big garden it is difficult to water it by hand and sometimes it’s nearly impossible to do it. Captain Handy garden installs irrigated systems for your area. This is the last touch and one time investment that is necessary for saving your time and money.


Proven performers

We carefully check and train our performers, closely monitor their rating


Insurance and liability

If something goes wrong, we will quickly recover the damage from our own reserve fund of 6 million $


Quality assurance

We fulfill each order under strict rules and quickly respond to your suggestions and complaints


Green Cleaning

Committed to protecting the health of every occupant on your property, we employ eco-friendly methods and certified green cleaning products

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