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Finishing materials for kitchen renovation in North York

Finishing the kitchen walls when kitchen renovation in North York requires a special approach. The materials should be practical and resistant to various negative impacts. First of all, it concerns the working area, where the food is prepared. The main requirements for the materials used are as follows:

  • resistance to moisture and high temperatures;
  • hygiene;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • aesthetics.

The surface must be resistant to abrasives that may be needed to remove fat and dirt. Currently, the construction market has a wide range of finishing materials that can be used for kitchen renovation in North York. Among them are the most famous:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • natural stone;
  • brick;
  • wallpaper;
  • PVC-panels;
  • decorative plaster;
  • painting, etc.

Most often kitchen owners prefer to finish their kitchens with ceramic tiles. This material is resistant to external influences, and is characterized by its aesthetic appearance. A large selection of colors and textures allows you to choose tiles for any interior. Effectively on the walls of the kitchen looks like a mosaic. Its disadvantages include only a high price, however, finishing the kitchen in North York will please for a long time.

When choosing a ceramic tile, preference should be given to matte rough surfaces. The material can be used for decoration of individual interior elements, and for all walls. Modern manufacturers offer tiles not only standard rectangular and square, but also unusual geometric shapes.

Natural stone has such characteristics as strength and durability. It is environmentally friendly and does not emit any fumes harmful to human health. Since the cost of a natural stone is quite high, it is often replaced by an artificial stone. At the same time, the material’s performance characteristics are not much inferior. A decorative stone is easy to install and maintain. It is easy to clean with detergents. It is used for individual surfaces to emphasize a detail.

The brick is used in interiors loft, high-tech, art nouveau. It is covered with special compounds that have protective properties. The finishing material has such advantages as:

  • temperature resistance;
  • durability;
  • durability;
  • moisture resistance.

Brickwork looks organic in various interiors. It provides good thermal insulation in the room. Among the advantages of such decoration are low cost. Kitchen renovation in North York – from the company Captain Handy will make high-quality repair and finishing for a low price.

Wallpaper is considered the traditional way to decorate the kitchen. Their main advantage is an affordable price. A wide range of colors and textures allows you to choose the material for any interior, without limiting the imagination of the designer. There are several types of wallpapers, which can be used for kitchen renovation in North York:

  • fliselinic;
  • vinyl;
  • glass wallpaper.

For work surfaces, it is necessary to choose a wallpaper that repels moisture and is resistant to wear. Paper-based material is not recommended for the kitchen, as it quickly loses its original appearance and will not last long.

Finishing the kitchen walls MDF-panels, covered with PVC, is quite common. The material is easy to care for. To remove dirt and grease, you can use a brush or sponge and any detergent. The advantages of the panels are as follows:

  • water-repellent surface;
  • electrical safety;
  • wide range of colors and textures;
  • affordable price.

Decorative plaster meets texture and structural. It is made on the basis of polymers in combination with other substances. Such finishing the kitchen in North York is found in different styles of design. It is recommended to use it for the dining area. To protect the finishing material from moisture, grease and various contaminants, the surface should be covered with a special compound.

Tip! Painting is better to choose for perfectly flat walls, as this material does not hide the irregularities and other surface flaws.

When selecting a finishing material, the functionality of the area should be taken into account. You should not save money on finishing the kitchen apron. The walls in this area are most exposed to steam, grease, high temperatures.

Cheap paper wallpaper in this case is not applicable, as it will lead to even greater costs. In a few months, they will be in disrepair and will require replacement. In addition to tiles for the apron, we recommend plastic panels, natural stone, etc.

If there is a brickwork above the hob, it should be treated with a special composition.

Color scheme for kitchen repair in East York. Kitchen design

One of the main problems faced by owners of houses and apartments is the choice of color for kitchen design in East York. Designers advise to consider the main points:

  • Light shades expand the space, while dark shades, on the contrary, reduce it.
  • One or more colors can be used for kitchen design in East York. If the latter option is used, then one of the tones should dominate.
  • The apron and worktop should stand out from the rest of the furniture.
  • If the kitchen is decorated in light colors, you should make some bright accents to diversify the environment. For this purpose, you can use textile products: curtains, tablecloths, upholstery, etc.
  • Bright kitchen set should be combined with walls, finished in quiet pastel shades.

The cuisine of almost every person is associated with the warmth and comfort of the home. Therefore, it is important to choose the colors to create a truly comfortable environment. Designers advise to use no more than three shades to decorate the room.

Often, one color and its shades in combination with white are taken for decoration.

When designing the walls should take into account such things as:

  • large patterns on the surface visually reduce the space;
  • vertically oriented ornament visually makes the ceilings higher;
  • metallic color fits harmoniously into modern interiors;
  • horizontal lines on the wall will visually increase the space, but the room will seem lower.

When choosing a color scheme should take into account the style of interior design in North York. For the classical directions are characterized by noble pastel colors, for the modern ones – a combination of bright saturated colors.

Zoning. Kitchen renovation in East York

The kitchen is conditionally divided into two main zones: working and dining. The first zone is designed for storage and cooking. There are such items of furniture as: refrigerator, hobs, home appliances, lockers for storing dishes, etc. The kitchen is divided into two main zones.

In the dining area, the main emphasis is placed on the table, which is complemented by stools, upholstered furniture, etc. Space zoning is carried out with the help of both furniture items and color solutions, finishing materials and other techniques. In small apartments and studios this measure is necessary to functionally use every free meter.

Space zoning is often done with multi-level ceilings and lighting. If space allows, the kitchen and the dining room can be separated by a bar counter. It is recommended to make spot lighting in the construction. Separation into zones can be done with the help of arches of various shapes.

Captain Handy will help to make zoning and quality kitchen renovation in East York!

Tips for designing small kitchens. Quality kitchen renovation in East York

In modern homes, small kitchens are not uncommon. However, even the lack of useful space is not an obstacle for creating a cozy functional interior. For owners of small kitchens, designers have developed the following recommendations:

  • The kitchen headset should be selected up to the ceiling. This will not only allow the furniture to look spectacular, but also practical, as the upper surfaces of the furniture will not accumulate dust and dirt.
  • The built-in hood will save space and will fit into any style.
  • For small rooms you should choose quiet light tones. It is not recommended to use a combination of -more than two colors. It is optimal to apply only one tone and several of its shades.
  • Small spaces should not be overloaded with accessories. Only functional details that are practical and useful should be selected for the environment.
  • Preference should be given to long cabinets.
  • Instead of the door should be installed an arch or sliding structures.

For small kitchen renovation in East York it is recommended to choose a linear or angular layout. Built-in appliances will help to increase the functionality of space and save space. Corner headsets are not only comfortable, but also effective, allowing you to rationally use every free meter.

A large number of design solutions allow you to choose furniture and equipment that will harmoniously fit into any style.

Arrangement of spacious kitchens in North York. Quality kitchen renovation!

The owners of spacious kitchens can choose different styles of design and layout. In such a room will look good “island” options. They provide for the allocation of several zones, including the central part of the room.

The best option for storing items is a combination of open and closed cabinets. The area of the walls should be used as much as possible. It can accommodate a variety of storage systems.

Designers advise to always keep at hand what is often used in cooking. To free up space, you can hide on the top drawers of the kitchen set what you need in rare cases.

Even if the room area allows you to install a lot of furniture and equipment at once, do not overload the space. Properly selected headset and accessories will create a stylish and functional interior. When choosing equipment, you should be guided by your lifestyle and taste preferences.

Modern manufacturers offer home appliances for different purposes.

In the spacious rooms will look appropriate bright saturated colors. In this case, do not choose more than three tones. Many styles provide the use of light pastel colors. Bright accents can be tablecloths, upholstered furniture, curtains. In kitchen renovation, it is preferable to use blinds or roller shutters.

When setting up the kitchen, much attention should be paid to lighting. This rule is relevant for both small and large rooms. Each zone should be allocated. For this purpose, spotlights, LED tapes, floor lamps and wall lights are used. At the same time, the central lighting must be combined with them.

When kitchen repair in North York, you should not only focus on fashion trends, but also on your own preferences. It is necessary to make every household feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is important to think over every detail, from materials for decoration to accessories. The kitchen furniture should be notable for its practicality and functionality.

There are many things in this room, so it is important to think about rational and convenient storage systems. When organizing the space in the kitchen, you should focus on the fact that this is not just a place for cooking. It is in this room in the evenings the whole family will gather to have dinner and share the news for the whole day.

That is why it is so important to create a cozy home environment in the kitchen with Captain Handy!

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