Kitchen Renovation in Toronto and Ontario

Kitchen Renovation in Toronto (capital or cosmetic) is certainly an important stage in the repair of each house. This is the place where you will spend evenings with your family and quality kitchen renovation will help you in this!

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Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a place where not only the whole process of cooking takes place, but also a place of the warmest meetings, so it should always be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, so that you can always sit at a cup of fragrant tea, and this can be done only through repair. If you want to make a complete kitchen renovation in Toronto, but you don’t know how to make it seem visually spacious, then you have addressed to the right address.

After all, only the specialists of our company “Captain Handy”, can do the repair of the kitchen even with the size of 6 square meters at the highest level. Naturally, there are many other companies that can make kitchen renovation, as the city of Toronto is large, and the choice is appropriate. But it is unlikely that you can find somewhere in the city, a company that will make you a kitchen repair for such a price and such a high quality.

Where do I start to kitchen renovation in Toronto?

  1. First you need to make a drawing or sketch of your future kitchen.
  2. After the sketch, it is necessary to calculate the materials necessary to kitchen renovation
  3.  It is necessary to calculate and think over the location of water and sewage pipes
  4. It is necessary to calculate the number of sockets and electrical wiring, etc.
  5. Then begins the removal of all furniture from the kitchen
  6. And only after all, masters begin to dismantle the floors, ceiling, old communications, etc.

Kitchen Renovations. Turnkey

Kitchen renovation in Toronto includes the ALL works related to the installation of water supply, sewerage systems and electrical networks. Perfect alignment, plastering walls and ceilings. Replacement of floor coverings and radiators.

Installation of a panel or tiles. This type of repair, performed by our specialists, will meet your expectations. You will get the RESULT that you expected.        

We successfully implement design ideas and creative ideas of our clients. At the proper technical level. Without annoying force majeure and defects.

On our site there is a very handy directory where everyone can see the houses that were made kitchen renovation in the photo (our gallery). Also in our portfolio you can see how the repair of a small kitchen looks like on the photo, made by our specialists, and make sure of their high qualification and skill. After all, not every specialist can make a good small kitchen renovation in Toronto, for this you need to have a lot of experience behind his shoulders, and the skill that only units have, these are the specialists of our company.

Therefore, if you do not know who to entrust your kitchen, you can safely entrust it to our company, and you can be fully confident that the result you get, you will not disappoint. Our masters use in their work, only the highest quality materials for kitchen renovation, as well as the latest ideas for the interior of the kitchen, so they can surprise even the most demanding client.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 rating

One review for Kitchen Renovation in Toronto and Ontario

5.0 rating
   Kitchen Renovation
2021 January 18

A year ago we ordered services to renovate the kitchen, we are happy with everything, nothing fell off, nothing is broken – everything is absolutely perfect! Soon we want to use our services to renovate the bedroom, so we will continue to do that until we renovate the whole house. We strongly recommend you to contact this company!

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