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Landscape Construction this is a very important step in landscape design, the design should always be coordinated with the builders. This is the only way to create the landscape of your dreams.

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Landscape construction in Toronto differs from landscape design only in that the former is the direct implementation of the designer’s decisions. Simply put, design is a project, and construction is the implementation of the project.

Landscape construction. What is it and why is it needed?

Landscape construction is a measure for the improvement of the land to create a zone of comfortable living and recreation. It is a rational transformation of the territory: the proper distribution of buildings, recreation areas, landscaping. Landscape architecture and construction – a complex multi-stage work, including the implementation of pre-project analysis of the territory, the creation of sketch design, approval of the master plan, its implementation on the territory.

Any turnkey landscape construction and not only begins with a project (ready-made or personal). Landscape design includes several most important preparatory stages:

  • Geodetic work. At this stage, the definition of the area, shape, size of the territory, marking the elevation of the terrain, marking the location of objects on the site.
  • Soil analysis. This stage plays an important role for further landscaping of the territory, as well as for the laying of paths. Soil analysis includes identification of mechanical, mineral, organic composition of soil, its acidity, permeability and the presence of underground water.
  • Collection of data on utility networks. This stage involves the marking of cables, pipelines and other technical structures. Gathering information is important for subsequent work with the technical part of the landscape construction (lighting, drainage, irrigation, storm drains).
  • Collection of additional information. At this stage takes into account the presence of vegetation, ponds and other small or large architectural forms, as well as their condition.

The more accurate and extensive data collected, the more accurate will be the landscape design, the less trouble will bring landscape construction in Ontario. Order inexpensive this service is possible both individually and in a full package of all services.

Landscape construction in Toronto. Stages.

Approval of the project, signing of drawings, estimates, coordination of terms and materials.

  1. Preparation of the territory: removing garbage and various waste, cutting down trees, cleaning ponds, as well as the removal of old paths or paving, if necessary.
  2. Work with the soil: the organization of drainage systems, pipelines, irrigation systems. Once the technical part is completed, the formation of future relief (hills, ponds, etc.) begins. At this stage there is also a correction of future paths, as well as the location of special areas (children’s, car, barbecue, recreation areas, etc.).
  3. General construction works: formation of concrete bases, erection of fences, installation of foundations, etc.
  4. Facing stage includes paving of new paths and laying of paving stones, as well as tiling of flowerbeds, arrangement of special areas in accordance with the project.
  5. Gardening involves the arrangement of lawns, planting of greenery, as well as the creation and installation of decorative elements.
  6. Technical work is the last stage, meaning the installation of lighting, connecting irrigation systems and other technical equipment.

So, the process of implementing landscape design – this landscape construction. Toronto, as well as any other city of a similar scale – it is the result of careful planning, as well as the exact execution of landscape construction.

Consultation with a specialist before starting work will help to develop a site for construction, so you can implement ideas for landscaping

However, even after construction is complete, it is not too late to take advantage of the advice of a landscape designer, who will help draw up a plan of landscaping and gardening of the site.

Our company “Captain Handy” will help you with landscape construction plan and design, all you have to do is contact us.

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2021 January 5

This is without a doubt the best landscaping company! We’ve been to these landscapers more than once, and every time we’ve been very happy with them! Thank you for the honesty, quality and uniqueness of the work performed!

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