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The landscape design cost in Toronto is calculated individually, but the approximate cost can be determined by several items.

Captain Handy offers a flexible pricing policy for all types of services, from the design, landscaping and landscaping of the house grounds to the subsequent maintenance of the site.

You are guaranteed to appreciate the high quality service from Captain Handy experts, who will offer you a project whose landscape design cost will be the most attractive in Toronto. Complex solutions, designed taking into account the work, the cost of materials – it’s a great option to get a beautiful garden and meet the planned budget.

Landscape design cost of services in Toronto

If you need turnkey landscaping at the best value in Toronto, you can choose one of the packages from our company: budget, standard, comfort, premium.

Each of them includes:

  • Draft greening concept in several variants.
  • Cleaning of the adjacent area and waste disposal.
  • Cultivation, levelling and compaction of the land.
  • Arrangement of paths made of gravel, tiles or wild stone.
  • Arrangement of a watering system.
  • Creating a seed lawn or laying a roll.
  • Creating compositions on a plane.

More expensive options offer drainage, lighting systems, the creation of alpine slides.

We offer a lower landscape design cost than our competitors in Toronto, allowing customers to more accurately allocate their budget and additionally order tree planting, ponds and retaining walls.

More accurate on the landscape design of the house in Toronto experts will be able to determine the cost after a visit to the site for site analysis. We offer a free departure of the designer to the object at any convenient time for you. In many ways the price depends on:

  • the complexity of the terrain;
  • the scope of work for landscaping and landscaping;
  • the cost of the selected planting and other material.

Before placing an order managers will calculate the preliminary landscape design cost in Toronto, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the client. Our specialists will find an individual approach to each customer and make your dream come true. The result of our cooperation will be a fabulously beautiful garden, filled with bright flowers, lush greenery and refreshing splashes of water. We assure you that the price of creating such a paradise will pleasantly please!

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