Landscape design in North York


The first step is to sketch out a plan for your site. The garden design in North York should be based on the location of the house. Mark where there are already buildings (except for the country house, the territory is often a garage, summer kitchen or tool shed). And now it’s time to think about what you lack for a good rest. Pergola with a barbecue? A pond with goldfish? Plots with your favorite type of strawberry? Whatever the fantasy suggests, write it down and put it on the plan.

Note! The height of the plants on the plot should decrease from north to south. The beds are where it’s warmer. Trees – where the north is.

Designing and decorating your garden on your own will require patience, knowledge in many areas and considerable effort. In the excitement of design and a gust of inspiration do not forget about what you wanted to see on the site from the beginning. In the process it is very easy to get carried away and lose the main idea. In the end, instead of a cozy garden and a dream house, you risk the same chaos from the beds from which you started to remodel.

Landscape design of the yard

Sideways in the yard

The layout of the garden pathways in York is based on which parts of the garden need access.A successful solution is to route past the parts of the plot that look most attractive. There must be an easy path to beds and flowerbeds (if you have saved them). Please note that the main lanes should be smooth, without steep turns.

There is not as much room on the country estate as you would like. But even with the conditional tightness of the width of the track should be chosen taking into account the fact that it should be free to “diverge” two people. The width of 1-1.5 meters is considered optimal.

The garden path in North York should have a slight slope on both sides – then no puddles will form on it. In addition, the rainwater from the path will additionally water the nearby flowerbeds and wash away dust from the path itself.

The material for the garden path in East York must be temperature-resistant, robust and aesthetically pleasing. Most often concrete, stone or decorative tiles are used for the decoration of the garden paths in York. A more natural variant – paths sprinkled with sand or gravel. Mosaic paths in North York made of pebbles look very attractive.

Yard lighting in North York

Landscape design has received less attention than interior design. What can we say about the lighting of a site in North York, if the interior design of the site is not always remembered? With the right lighting, the site may look more interesting in the evenings than in the daytime.

We use functional lighting, but forget about decorative lighting. To illuminate path in York, the turns and buildings on the plot, diffuse soft light is sufficient, which allows you to move around the yard safely, but does not distract from watching the garden.

Recessed luminaires are ideal as functional lighting. They can be mounted along paths, at the edges of stairs and near railing. The main purpose is to serve as “guide lights”, without dazzling or irritating the eyes. You can also use the lights on the posts – if you are not confused by the fact that in the daytime around the garden paths will be visible “fence”. The “posts” are available in every possible style, so even a technical lighting element can be used to maintain the general mood of the space.

Thanks to the decorative lighting in East York, you can create all the advantages of a site by highlighting individual trees or by illuminating flowerbeds.

Ground mini spotlights are usually used to illuminate bushes, trees or ornamental elements. They can provide not just a warm or cool tone of illumination, but illuminate the area with any color – thanks to filters on the glass.

Lighting features:

  • luminaires need less power than in the city
  • energy-saving lamps
  • it is desirable to provide for the possibility of separate switching of technical and decorative lighting
  • the power cable for the backlight must be well insulated – so that you do not accidentally damage it during garden work

Garden figurines. Landscape design in North York

Garden figures in North York of animals and mythical characters are very popular in the West, where each of the characters has its own story. You can set any decor on the site. The main thing is that it does not look like a “foreign body” and matches the style of the house and garden. Garden dwarfs in East York are more likely to hide in the bushes, and the forest fairy should live by the tree. Think of a fairy tale about how an Easter hare or dragon got into your garden.

Landscape design in North York of the garden area

Tall plants are better placed on the north side. The middle strip of the plot is led along the shrubbery. If you have decided to keep a few tomato and salad pepper beds, these plants are best suited to sufficient light, on the south side of the garden garden.

All typical country gardens are planned in a regular style. Pitches, greenhouses and even rows of trees are arranged in geometric order.

The landscape design in North York of the garden area in East York suggests a more natural and natural arrangement of trees and flowers. Particular attention is paid to the nuances of the relief. If there is a hump on a country house plot, it is not necessary to level it. Try to beat the composition that nature has already created for you.

Alpine Hill

The Alpine hill in East York is a small piece of real mountains created by your hands. A simple heap of stones with some flowers stuck between them is not yet an Alpine hill in North York. This decoration is not as easy to create as it seems. Before you start to realize the composition, it is not superfluous to plan it on paper. The real hill has peaks and cliffs, a flat plateau and a green valley.

The arrangement of the slide starts in autumn. The first layer is gravel or broken brick, over which the earth mixture is poured (of course, the slide). The approximate height is about a meter (later, when the earth “sits”, the slide will be slightly lower).

After shrinking into the hill, large stones are mounted (they are up to half buried in the ground). On top of the hill there are medium and small elements. The choice of plants for the slide depends not only on their soil requirements and lighting, but also on the overall style of the site. But first of all, you should pay attention to flowers and herbs, which do not need complex care.

Landscape design in North York

The Japanese, suffering from lack of free space, perceive nature as a gift from above. They “see a huge world in small things” and try to make their garden perfect. Why don’t we follow their example? In our time, man is surrounded by a mass of everything artificial and fake. That is why it is crucial not to lose touch with nature, to remain united with it. To have, even if it is very small, but its own territory, where you can relax, relax and recover after a busy day at work. This is why the landscaping of the site in York is of concern to many.

Landscape design in North York is a subtle art, which allows you to turn an ordinary piece of land into a real paradise with its character and personality, filled with special calm and harmony. To comprehend all the subtleties of landscape design of the plot in York, making it beautiful and comfortable, under the power of everyone. It is enough just your desire and necessary information that you can always find in this section.

Here you will learn about different styles of landscape architecture and examples of different solutions to landscape design in North York. You will be able to discuss such issues as vertical landscaping and design, arrangement of flower gardens, ponds, fountains, lawns and everything else related to landscaping and landscaping. Articles from this section will help to facilitate your work and cope with the difficult task – the design of a site in East York.

Very soon in the section will appear new subsections: “Water structures”, “Garden ornamental elements”, “Roads in the garden”, etc. In them you will find all the information you need to create not only a beautiful garden, flower bed and properly arrange an alpine hill in York, but also various garden decorations, real works of garden art.

You will get a lot of non-standard ideas, appreciate the work of other users and, of course, get the necessary expert advice to make a garden plot in East York unique. You can share useful information with others, telling about your victories and failures, achievements and landscaping options for the East York area. This will help other users of the site to avoid stupid mistakes in the arrangement of the plot. And their advice, in turn, will help you.

Creating a unique design of a plot of country house in York – it is certainly a difficult multistage process. But sharing with each other the necessary information and secrets, prompting each other and advising, you will undoubtedly be able to create high-quality and beautiful landscaping in York. And we will definitely help you in this!

Landscape design in North York of the area

It is good to have a favorite summer cottage, where you can relax from the monotonous weekdays, get some fresh air, and sometimes live for a while. Landscape in York in many ways determines the character of the owner.

In order to competently design and implement the design of the landscape in North York , you can call specialists with years of experience. But it is much more pleasant (and cheaper) to create a landscape of cottage houses in East York with their own hands.

Of course, it takes a lot of effort, some knowledge and skills, but the result will please any owner, because doing something with their own hands, you put a piece of your soul.

How to create a landscape design in North York with your own hands, where to start, what accents to place – about everything in this article, with numerous photos and useful recommendations.

Determination of cottage landscape type

Before you start designing, you need to find out which site you will have to work with. To do this, you need to come to the cottage and look around carefully. Especially important this stage for new sites, the owners of which are still unfamiliar with the features and properties of the cottage landscape in North York.

So, the determining factors in choosing the landscape of the cottage will be:

  • the location of the cottage area, its orientation on the sides of the world;
  • the character and style of the existing buildings in the cottage (both the main house and small farm buildings);
  • illumination of the cottage plot;
  • soil type on the plot;
  • the topography of the area (plain, slope, close proximity to a natural pond, forest, etc.);
  • the presence of a fence between neighbouring summer houses.

Having determined the landscape type in the countryside, you can proceed to the following point.

Designing on a holiday plot

As with any construction, the creation of a landscape at the cottage requires preliminary preparation – a plan.

To make a plan, you can use one of the many computer programs. Modern technology allows only by entering the parameters of the dacha site, get the most optimal landscape design in North York. In this case, you can get a three-dimensional image of the future landscape of the summer cottage and finally decide whether you like this project or look for another.

If there is no desire or possibility to work with programs-robots, it is possible to sketch the scheme of a country landscape the hands. This requires a plan of the cottage area itself and the existing buildings on it.

The existing cottage plan is transferred to millimeter paper, observing the scale, and then they start drawing of separate landscape elements.

Landscaping Details

To date, many elements have been invented to decorate the landscape of the cottage and the adjacent territory, make them as functional and expressive as possible.

Among other things, such details of the dacha landscape stand out the most:

  • Small architectural structures. These are garages, sheds, summer showers, baths and much more. The main requirement for such summer houses is that they must be executed in the same style as the dwelling house, correspond to the landscape design in North York. Today in fashion a combination of incongruous and a mixture of styles, but such work is better to entrust professionals, as it is very easy to “overdo”. Maintaining a uniform style of the landscape of the cottage, it is easy to achieve naturalness and naturalness. So, if the house is built of wood, brick buildings will look ridiculous against its background. But the stone cottage is quite suitable for a bath from a log cabin. Another rule – the buildings must have interesting architecture, because the garden is beautiful only in summer, in winter the eyes of all guests to the cottage will be chained to the buildings.
  • Landscape zoning should be performed based on the initial configuration. Thus, the square cottages are more suitable for dividing into equal square zones, it is better to divide the elongated area into rectangles of different sizes with a particular landscape.
  • Fences and fences also play a rather large role in the design of the landscape design in North York of the cottage. As a rule, fences between neighboring dachas are not included in the landscape definition. Here decorative fences in York are taken into account, which help to divide a cottage into thematic areas such as garden, garden, recreation area, playground, parking space, etc. These fences do not perform the function of protection of the cottage from prying eyes or strong wind, their purpose – to complement the landscape design in North York, to act as an additional decorative element.
  • Paths. Garden paths at the cottage can be of two types: geometric and arbitrary. The first option is more suitable for spacious country houses, the territory of which has the correct form of a square or rectangle. In the vast majority of cases, country houses have a polygonal complex shape and a small area. On such landscapes look more profitable curved, winding paths. So, there should be two types of paths: the main one, which connects the gate to the entrance to the house, and secondary paths that connect the house with all the zones of the cottage plot.
  • Artificial structures in North York have a decorative function in landscape design. These include alpine slides, rockeries, patios and the pool area. All this is created by human hands, before building each of these elements it is necessary to make an individual plan with all sizes and small details.
  • Water reservoirs are also often a decoration of the summer house. Today in the landscape there are artificial ponds, rivers, streams, fountains and waterfalls. The combination of several of these constructions in one landscape is often used. When designing a reservoir in a summer house, one should not forget about water supply, electricity for pumps and filters, as well as drainage system.
  • Vegetation occupies almost the most important part in creating the landscape of the cottage. Successfully selected trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs can change any landscape beyond recognition. Planting in York and taking care of plants takes up most of your holiday time, so when choosing plants, you have to calculate your strength and time wisely. It is better for a busy person to plant perennial crops, shrubs and dwarf trees, unpretentious flowers adapted to the local climate.

Achievement of the set task

You can implement your plan on your own, too. Creating a landscape design for a summer house , as mentioned above, should begin with the preparation of the project. You can choose a landscape project in North York by numerous photos and videos of already implemented landscapes, but it is much more interesting to come up with it yourself.

When a landscape project has been selected and a plan has been sketched out, you can start to implement the plan. First of all, they build dacha buildings: terrace, arbor or a barbecue. Without these constructions it is difficult to imagine the cottage as a place for rest.

During excavation of the foundation there may be extra land, sometimes there are large stones – do not prematurely get rid of them. All this can become a building material for a rockarium or alpine hill.

The next stage will be laying paths in the cottage. The simplest option is to mark the perimeter of the path, remove the soil to a depth of about 10 cm and fill the resulting void with large stones or paving tiles.

Outdoor paths can become a real decoration of the landscape, they are made of wood saws, covered with pebbles or gravel, using modern materials such as mosaics or ceramics.

After that, you can decorate the landscape of the cottage . At this stage stone gardens are laid out, fountains and ponds are made, pools are built. It is not customary to decorate the modern cottage landscape with animal figurines and dwarfs – this is already a passed stage. Today various flowerpots, statues, installations of interesting materials, original lamps are in fashion.

The stage of landscaping of the cottage is rightly considered the most interesting. But it is also the most important, because greenery can transform any cottage. For those who visit their country estate only on weekends, perennial plants, unpretentious flowers, trees and shrubs are more suitable.

Exotic bright flower-bearing plants usually require more careful care – they need regular watering, fertilising and replanting.

It is difficult to imagine a landscape of a summer house without a hedge. Evergreen plants, conifers and shrubs can be chosen as this element. The fence should be beautiful not only in summer, but also in autumn, winter. The condition of the hedge should be carefully monitored: watering, shearing, removing dryness.

You can choose your lawn as an intermediate landscaping for your summer house. Even grass looks spectacular on any plot and can be thinned out with interesting shrubs or bright flowers.

Flowerbeds can be planted on either side of the path leading to the house. It is better not to make them symmetrical; flower beds of different shapes and fillings look more original.

On the terrace, in the gazebo, by the pool look great vases and pots of flowers. The arbor will be decorated with wicker vines and cachepot with ampel plants.

Arrangement of the cottage plot with your own hands – not only a way to save money, but also a great option for relaxation and recreation from the city life.

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