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Landscape gardening is a service that will make your yard much more beautiful and practical! Captain Handy provides an opportunity to do everything at a great price and with the best quality!

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Landscape Gardening in Ontario

Landscape Greening of the territory solves a range of tasks. These include improving the appearance of the site, its characteristics and ecological condition. Such work is carried out in a comprehensive manner. They involve not only the selection of plants, their planting, but also the planning of the territory, soil preparation, creation of systems of auto watering, drainage. The company “Captain Handy” performs urban landscaping, private, urban, commercial areas, care of planted plants and garden as a whole.

In landscape greening “Captain Handy” uses a rational approach. The garden is designed so that it requires minimal care. For this purpose, a full-fledged ecosystem is formed, and seedlings are selected, taking into account the peculiarities of the area, soil characteristics, lighting level and other criteria. Our specialists also create continuous flowering gardens. They consist of ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, periods of flowering which are consecutive. With this selection of flowering plants, the area looks attractive, bright from early spring to late autumn.

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5.0 rating

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5.0 rating
   Good service
2020 December 28

We had a limited budget, after talking with Alex, we were able to order services on our budget and choose a decor we like. Thank you to the specialists of the company for such a wonderful approach)

5.0 rating
2020 December 28

I called the company, the next day the specialists arrived, made all the necessary measurements and a week later everything was done as promised. As a result I can note the speed, quality of work and punctuality! Thank you very much! will apply again!

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