Landscape services in Toronto


How do you want to see your garden? Huge and fabulous? Small and mysterious? Stylized? Maybe you don’t know what you want yet?

The specialists of “Captain Handy” will realize any of your wishes, even not yet formalized. We can do that:

  • Design and create compositions that even other designers surprisingly raise an eyebrow;
  • Develop site plans so that the owner can plan his time without surprise and knows exactly when and what stage of work will be completed;
  • Listen and hear you. Collaborate constructively, use your skills to create a garden project in Ontario that you want to see. Regardless of the fashion trends and interesting “chips”;
  • Look for, find, offer solutions that will harmoniously complement your ideas. Here, perhaps, fashionable “chips” will also be useful.

We will decorate your garden in any style, color scheme and mood – call us and tell us what you want to see on the site. We work with areas of any type and condition, large and small, including providing landscaping services in Toronto.

Design: evaluate the result before starting work

In the studio we will create a project of landscape design of your cottage plot in the form that it will acquire after the completion of work. Perhaps when you see a “live” project, want to make additions or small changes, plant more ornamental plants or put another gazebo – always better to agree on this at the planning stage than after the start of work.

In addition, we are engaged in a complete landscaping of the site in Toronto: we create a scheme of lighting, location of interior items and other elements of the yard, which will make the composition of the summer cottage plot completed.

There is also a service to “revitalize” the plants: you can make them sprawl or, conversely, cut the plant, give it different shapes – in short, at the stage of preparation you will already be imagining a new landscape design in Ontario your private country house 100%. We will select the optimal set of plants for your soil, as well as plan and implement a system of irrigation.

Stages of work:

  • You contact us and express your wishes;
  • The designer goes to the site, assesses the front of the work and opportunities;
  • We create the project and coordinate it with you;
  • Let’s get to work. We use own planting material of the highest quality, we guarantee viability and green riot of each plant;
  • We carry out the work according to schedule;
  • You take in your renovated garden and invite friends to appreciate this miracle.

Our advantages and work scheme:

Consultation and departure of a specialist.

We coordinate convenient for you time of visit of our expert, on a place we take measurements and we discuss all questions interesting you. We calculate the cost of landscape design in Ontario, perform calculations and provide a project with detailed estimates for all types of landscape and landscaping work in Toronto for your site.

Unique projects.

Our designers will make high-quality individual project taking into account all wishes of the customer. After approval of the project, we conclude the contract and qualitatively perform all works on design in the stipulated term.

Own planting material.

In design we use only quality material for planting our own production. Our grown plants meet the European quality standard. Plants are available in a wide range of both types and varieties, as well as in sizes.

Visualization of the object.

Designers of our company will make quick and high-quality visualization of your site. Visualization allows you to look at your future site more accurately. With the help of graphic templates in the program to create a project design is more understandable and realistic for the customer.

Low prices and high quality.

Our employees make an estimate, which indicates the cost of both individual works and materials, and the implementation of the entire design project. Prices for plants are much lower compared to other Canadian producers, as planting material from our own production is used.

Guarantee and support for landscape solutions.

We provide quality assurance and support for our landscaping in Ontario. After delivery of the object to the customer, training and instructions for maintenance, we give a guarantee on our plants and lawn.

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Landscape services in Ontario

Any work starts with design, and landscape design is no exception. Landscape design service in Ontario is our team! Garden regeneration is a very difficult job, not only because it takes a long time, but also because it requires a lot of knowledge in both architecture and geography, and that’s not the whole list. Our company is engaged in landscape services in Ontario, and we offer you our services.

First, you need to figure out what stages landscaping in Ontario consists of.

The first stage, from which the design begins, is that representatives of our company inspect the territory. They make an analysis of the environment, measure the place where the work will start soon. They also assess the soil, plant environment and terrain. After all, all these components in one way or another affect the landscape exterior of your garden, because all possible premises or other objects should look harmoniously on the finished area.

The second item, which provides for the design, is a situational plan. It is he who accurately describes the final landscape plan of the object. The plan includes all the structures that should be in the garden, as well as all the objects that are already available. This landscape services in Ontario also includes the location of central communications and the transition to the outside so that it looks harmonious.

The third stage, without which it is impossible to design, is the preparation of the master plan. After all, it is on it you will find the location not only of various structures such as gazebos, benches, fountains, but also new plantings. Plantings can include a beautiful lawn, various bushes or trees. They can either be of the same species or cut into different forms.

There is also a sketch of lighting devices on this plan, up to every smallest light bulb or lantern.

There is also a separate work with the dendrological plan. It shows how the vegetation is designed and what should be the composition. In this plan there are all the locations of the wood, wood-leaf groups, in addition the plan indicates the location of individual trees. The alleys are indicated separately.

You will definitely see all bushes and flowers, species and varieties of plants in the plan. The number of plantings that are used during operation is also calculated and applied in the plan.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact price for a landscaping in Ontario project at once. After all, only after you have completed all the work and spent materials will you know how much your little paradise will cost. After all, we evaluate not only the design, work done, but all units of plants used. A great influence on the price has not only the work done, but also the original appearance.

If you already have some plants in your garden, it’s up to you to decide whether to eradicate or leave them. Not only do we do landscaping and design work, but we also help to bring your old garden back to life.

Landscaping in Ontario is not an ordinary job, it can be compared to art, because it is creativity, harmonious and beautiful arrangement of landscapes with the help of nature or, more precisely, the particles that make it up. It is the relief, water, plants and even stones, which play a role. Perhaps the most important stage in Toronto’s garden landscape design work is zoning. With this technique, the designer divides the entire area into zones separate from each other and determines the value of each square.

Our professionals do this by using the law of composition and the law of space organization. The zoning indicates the location of absolutely all the objects in the garden – where the play and guest area is, where the ornamental city is, and where the area with homestead spaces.

Toronto landscape design is in a rapid development phase. We are ready to provide for your consideration a lot of interesting ideas in different styles, from classic to modern. We hope that the work done by us will help to realize your dreams.

Landscape construction in Toronto and architecture

What a fabulous garden without bridges, arches, sandboxes and fences can there be? It’s hard to believe that without all this, your estate can be called a fairytale. Our firm offers you its services in the field of landscape construction of architectural structures in Toronto. All the work that provides construction, will be done only by professionals, so you have no need to worry.

Probably, each object of architecture that we do should be considered separately.

First we will consider everything about bridges and sandpits. The former are not only a beautiful design idea, but also an excellent decorative element of the landscape. Often they are used to pass over areas with various obstacles to movement. The standard length of this architectural element is no more than three meters.

The weight of the bridge is very small, and it is made very quickly (you can spend only one or two days on its construction). The power of this element withstands the weight of 100 kilograms, or, we can say, one adult person. Also, the construction is processed with special means that protect against all kinds of fungi, bacteria and minor damages. All the similar architecture made by us is very durable, which guarantees you the impossibility of falling bridge.

But apart from bridges, we build various sandboxes, boxes for flowers and other decorative landscape elements. All this architecture is made of high quality wood. Our masters can offer you different forms of these objects, the construction lines will be minimal.

And now we will consider such kind of architecture as arches. After all, this is not only romantic and aesthetic architecture, but also a great landscape reception. With the construction of arches you can focus on individual sculptures, or other objects. An arch as a separate architecture can be an excellent entrance to your garden.

Whatever it may seem at first glance, not only are arches cheap, but they are also very easy to decorate, install and build. A small variety is architecture such as a password, or a better known name – landscape canopy for plants. It is also excellent for decorating the area. This landscaped object will give your garden not only a magical view, but is also an excellent option for relaxing in the shade.

These landscape construction in Ontario are made of wood and are also covered with a protective shell. We can offer you several types that we make, as well as possible construction according to your drawings.

Construction of boxes for flowers. Probably the most creative and elegant landscape decoration in Ontario. They not only give a landscape style to your patio, but also save you money and time. Boxes that you can put on the ground can be made in different shapes and kinds.

We can offer you our designer landscaping buildings in Toronto or you can explain and show us exactly what you are walking around with. Landscape boxes with flowers can be either hanging or standing on the ground. They, like all other products, are made of wood and covered with a protective shell.

We also offer you small fences or large fences. The construction options are up to you. They can be used as a good fence from the outside world or as a fence for your garden or vegetable garden. A fence is not only a part of the construction of a landscape cozy, but also a very important landscape element of the architecture of a garden or lawn.

We make a wooden fence for every taste – it is beautiful and easy to build, as well as convenient. After all, if something happens to your “stone wall”, it can be easily repaired by replacing only the small necessary part. The operating time of the fence is very easy to increase. All you need is constant care and small repairs.

And for your fence to “live” even longer, you need to treat it with special products to protect against fungi, pests and bacteria.

We offer you the construction of various architectural sculptures in Toronto or different buildings – this is our job. It only depends on your wishes. That’s why we can’t give you an exact price right now. But you can find out all the details that you are interested in via a hotline or by writing to us. All data is on the homepage. We give a guarantee on all our products, as well as the quality of our construction in Ontario. We hope that our architecture can satisfy all your wishes. Thank you for choosing our company!

Landscaping styles in Ontario

Based on the fact that landscape design in Ontario combines three branches (architecture, construction and design), it, like any other art, has many directions and styles. Sometimes it is very difficult for an uninitiated person to understand this diversity and make a clear choice that will suit your taste and help you realize your dream of a garden of paradise. Above all, you need to understand the issues of landscape styling.

A garden style is a holistic aesthetic image, which is achieved with the help of special design techniques using a set of garden elements and is subject to a single idea. Currently, there are two main styles: regular, also called classical, French or formal, and landscape style, many know it as English, landscape or natural style.

Classic garden style in Toronto

The classic garden style in Toronto is characterized in the vast majority of cases by a strict axial composition, low relief, clear geometric lines in the layout. This style is characterized by neatly trimmed shrubs, reminiscent of green sculptures (topiary) or intricate hedges.

The main features of such a garden are restrained aristocratic elegance, solemnity sometimes turning into theatricality. An example of the regular style is the pompous French Versailles, which for hundreds of years attracts the attention of numerous tourists and excites the imagination.

Landscape style garden in Ontario

Landscape style garden in Ontario are from the East. The people of the East, especially the Chinese, are very careful and ardent about nature, which has influenced their culture as a whole, as well as the culture of neighboring Japan. The landscape style of Ontario gardens came to Europe thanks to the British, who admired the design of Japanese gardens.

The English garden in Toronto, unlike the pushy regular style, is a piece of pristine nature, slightly complemented by man. Landscape style garden in Ontario has asymmetrical shapes, winding paths covered in gravel instead of sidewalk tiles, a loose grouping of flowers, shrubs and trees, an English style garden decorated with natural shapes of ponds and lawns and some corners of the garden look pristine. To create compositions in an English garden mainly used trees and shrubs growing in this region, used elements that are in harmony with the shape and color scheme, taking into account the timing of flowering and other features.

Other styles and directions of landscape design are overwhelmingly derived from the main styles, they can simultaneously combine features of both regular and landscape styles. It is very difficult to draw a clear line between styles that are constantly evolving, transformed and intertwined.

Italian garden style in Ontario

For many more interesting is the Italian garden style in Toronto, which is very similar to French but more diverse. There are many natural stones in the design of an Italian style Toronto Garden: stone patios in Ontario, stairs, columns, bridges, retaining walls and other elements. One of the most popular elements inherent to the Italian style is a variety of statues, flowerpots, water cascades and fountains. The abundance of strange flowers, trees and shrubs, roses and spirits that have taken the form of a ball or square after cutting are amazing.

Modern Garden in Ontario

The modern garden style is characterized by smooth and taut lines. This style is characterized by ingenious simplicity and functionality, the principle of equality of form and content. Modern style is interesting for lovers of outdoor activities, especially its swimming pools, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, athletic fields and treadmills. One of the characteristic features of this style is some contrast and expressiveness of plant cultures.

Country garden style in Toronto

Simple forms of layout, the gate “under the old days”, wicker instead of a fence, some roughness – a characteristic feature of the rural style. A village garden in Ontario attracts with its abundance of lianas and the variety of bright colors borrowed from wildlife.

Romantic garden style in Ontario

The romantic garden style in Toronto inspires the sublime senses, stirs up fantasy, creates a sense of comfort, harmony and peace. Rush of greenery, secluded corners, various arbors, arches, fragrant shrubs, curious trees – all this is the romantic landscape style. It is characterized by elements of both regular and natural styles, harmoniously combines the natural shape of water bodies and classic fountains. All elements are dominated by pastel shades, light elegance and lace motifs.

Chinese garden style in Toronto

The most distinctive and unlike any other is the Chinese garden style in Toronto. Europeans are still unable to understand the depth of this style. In the Chinese garden, everything is aimed at making people feel an integral part of the great nature, absolutely everything, even the smallest detail, carries a special philosophy and contains a hidden meaning. It is impossible to imagine a Chinese garden without water, stones and curious plants, which symbolize eternal values: peace, tranquility, life. Create a Chinese garden in Ontario with the help of a special technique – the versatility of landscapes that look endless.

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