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Other people want to doing landscaping on their own, but after a few attempts, they quit.

Why? The fact is that in addition to the general style and design, landscaping in Aurora of the estate involves many other works.

It is necessary to know well the type of soil and a variety of solutions that are suitable for this or that type of soil, climate zone. Landscaping of the cottage in Aurora plot is a very difficult task, even if the scale is small.

After all, it is also necessary to take into account not only the aesthetic component – on the site should be laid out in such a way that it is convenient to move. And in general, it is necessary to plan the garden area as ergonomically as possible. There should be a place for rest on it, it should be comfortable to work on.

Some people should consider several catalogues with ready-made solutions in order to understand their preferences in the field of landscape design in the Aurora, and others just give a pen and paper and they will start sketching. We also have such professionals who are full of brilliant ideas and are very eager to implement them in life.

They are already ready to accept your order and fulfill it at the highest level. Naturally, your wishes will be taken into account when designing and implementing the project, so your creative desire will be realized as well.

But landscaping in Richmond Hill of a site is not everything, as the general project assumes competent illumination of a site.

There can be either LED lights or more familiar ones, they can be placed along the tracks, modern lighting devices are mounted directly into the track.

Even the best quality landscaping in Richmond Hill of the countryside will not be durable unless a quality irrigation system is developed and installed. If the area is more or less large or you do not want to water yourself, you should install automatic irrigation systems.

In general, a high-quality landscape design, landscaping of a small area in Richmond Hill requires certain care, as it is necessary to level the bushes, lawn, plot and in general. It is necessary to make sure that the integrity of the picture that was conceived during the project is preserved.

If you like to describe the design stages, it defines the division of the cottage area into the following zones:

  • 1. The square in front of the house.
  • 2. Rest area, separate for adults, separate for children. There are also family options.
  • 3. Economic zone.

There are several universal rules regarding the choice of plants, but they are not canons either. For example, it is sometimes claimed that plants should be selected for one species.

It is said that different colored multi-colored plants interfere with aesthetics and bring confusion. However, experienced people are able to play not only on the halftones, but also on the contrasts, so sometimes and multi-colored plants and flowers are necessary for the most complete realization of the idea of the project landscape design.

One of the main tasks performed by Captain Handy is landscape and landscaping in the Aurora and the region, as well as in other Canadian cities. Creation of natural beauty is the main goal that our specialists perform. Landscape designers – professionals in their field, who have a huge work experience and certain skills. Our clients are always satisfied as the result is higher than expected.

Landscaping in Caledonia is an integral part of your site

Landscaping in Caledonia, even a small area, is exactly what makes your life brighter, more fun and livelier. The rich colors of plants and flowers bring you harmony and tranquility, especially if the area is decorated with soul and style.

Only a landscaping in Caledonia can create a unique beauty and enliven your corner, taking care of a pleasant and safe pastime for your children, yourself. There you can be isolated and alone with your thoughts, inspired by new ideas, to rethink the values of life.

In everyday life, of course, we are surrounded by flora, but nothing is more pleasant than enjoying it on the territory of your own home, admiring the beauty and strength, power and greatness. Only here we truly relax and rest in body and soul

We all love nature and are inspired by its power of influence. Each branch, tree, flower, petals remind us of certain events in our lives. This is all that makes us fall in love with our own garden and find ourselves in a fairy tale, in a green and blooming country, light and airy, strong and spiritualized, unique.

Each tree can remind us of a fairytale hero, each flower – a thin and vulnerable soul. Tall oaks, poplars – the terrible monsters, delicate spruce, fir, birch – forest beauties. Fragrances of flowers give more memories and inspire us to feats of arms, associated with different seasons.

How wonderful, after all, that we can create this whole fairy tale in our backyard next to home through landscaping in Caledonia. All that beautiful, unique and favorite will be next to you any minute.

We can create those unique moments that you have experienced in your life during any travel, business trips. We will create in your garden and alpine hills in Caledonia, by constructing from decorative stone a unique view, mountain streams that will flow down from the mountains, and you will enjoy their ringing.

We will create English lawns, Champs Elysees, corners of Japan with their flowering cherries, China. We will plant a lot of roses and tulips, sending your memories to Holland, bring lavender and rosemary to the interior of your garden, which will remind you of the holidays in France, in Provence.

Whatever you want, you just have to trust our professional and express your wishes as precisely as possible so that we can make your dreams come true, even in a small area.

All dreams come true thanks to the landscaping of Captain Handy

We will bring to your yard, to your corner of coziness and calmness, you can relax and enjoy the beauty that will be designed by our designers, architects and landscapers in Caledonia. The most incredible and unimaginable your plans will come true.

Creativity in landscaping has long been popular across Canada. People in the most remote places of our picturesque country are beginning to understand the importance and necessity of landscape design in Caledonia, and our experts constantly and steadily use and accept the experience of foreign partners, in order to learn more and more relevant to date and not to lag behind in the development of landscape design, to bring the field of activity to a high and high quality level worthy of our clients.

Nowadays, there are many competitors among the companies involved in landscape design in Caledonia, but our firm “Captain Handy” is always in demand, because we have highly educated professionals with great experience and potential who perform their work at the highest level.

Landscape design – a whole system of work, from technical issues to the formation of plants, resulting in a harmonious and superb picturesque corner in the yard of your home.

What is the landscaping in Caledonia? First of all, it is the formation and planting of green spaces, lawns, shrubs, various plants. This is the basis of your project. But to make the site look more tasteful and arranged, landscape design companies will certainly offer a wide range of services to beautify your recreation area and create a real masterpiece.

A plan for the design and direct landscape and landscaping work on your site in Caledonia

If you do decide to radically change your garden, the place of rest of your soul, asking for help from the specialists of the company “Captain Handy”, then you should have an idea of the plan and order of work on the improvement of your corner. Ordering on your behalf will be carried out in this order:

  • you come to the company in person, or you leave the application for landscaping by phone, after which our manager will contact you, you set a place and time for the meeting directly where the future project will be located, the consultation by phone is free;
  • our landscaping specialist comes to your meeting, assesses the site, the scope of work, listens to all your wishes and preferences, and then makes an appointment for your next meeting;
  • within a few days, our team, including architects, landscapers, stylists, creative designers, prepares all sorts of additional options and makes an appointment with you;
  • you meet, approve the master plan, make the estimate, agree on all nuances, technical issues and sign the contract;
  • after all this our team starts working, dividing up the area, liberating the area, taking out construction waste, plantings that are not needed, preparing the ground, bringing the necessary tools and materials for the work;
  • digging holes for decorative lakes, brooks, if necessary, laying sewage pipes, drains and all necessary communications;
  • are laid out of decorative stone mountains, caves and other all kinds of architectural structures;
  • automatic watering systems and lighting for your site;
  • the installation of pergolas, barbecue areas, barbecues, decorative paths, benches, lanterns, fountains, architectural sculptures;
  • lawns are being brought and planted in Caledonia;
  • provides for the delivery of plantings, shrubs, firs, thuja, various trees;
  • ornamental plants are planted under the careful guidance and supervision of a landscape designer in Richmond Hill;
  • flower meadows are planted, lawns are planted under the guidance of a florist;
  • clear borders are regulated with the help of ornamental edging;
  • the rest of the lawn is drawn up and the area is cleaned up;
  • the automatic watering and lighting system, artificial fountains and streams are checked;
  • paths are formed using decorative tiles and fine gravel;
  • the area is finally cleaned and the paths are washed;
  • if there is a lake, decorative ducks, swans, frogs, etc. are launched.

You should also remember that in addition to the unique and perfect beauty, amazingly executed area, garden, landscaping in Aurora perform useful functions and bring additional harmony:

  • protect your territory from the city bustle and noise, help block the noise of cars if there is a roadway nearby;
  • protect against the excess dust that flies off the road;
  • provide your garden with extra oxygen, purify the air, and fill the area around your home with a pleasant and delicate fragrance of flowers and plantings;
  • discourage gusty and excessive wind in your yard;
  • promote cool temperatures in a hot summer;
  • environmentally friendly and healthy area for a great time;
  • keeps style and extra space in your yard;
  • pleases and soothes and calms after a hard working day.

Each person is unique, and this uniqueness, individuality he embodies in his environment, and we help him in this. Some people prefer seclusion in an alley of roses or a glade of chamomiles, some want to plunge into a birch grove, alpine landscapes, and some want to get into a real fairy tale.

It is not necessary to clutter up and plant everything on your site, it will be tasteless and ordinary, you need to plan clearly and accurately and express your plan in the project, and we will implement it in life, because everything must be original and modern.

In general, first of all, you need to determine exactly what you want to see on your site, what trees, shrubs and flowers. Of course, many you may not know, so that’s why we created our company.

Our specialist will introduce you to a variety of plants, tell you about their properties. Will find you something that is more suitable for the climatic conditions of your site. She will tell you how a plant is different, how it is better to water it, how to care for it, whether it is whimsical or not, evergreen or seasonal.

It will take into account all your wishes, and will choose as accurately as possible what you like. In addition, before contacting a specialist, you can now, at least approximately, familiarize yourself with the varieties of plants and pick up what you like on our site.

Garden planning in Aurora does not like to rush. There is no need to buy plants spontaneously and unexpectedly because you liked them or looked at them, or because you passed by a floristics shop, a hypermarket of garden plants or just past selling flowers and plants points.

All the plants planted in a row can clutter and reduce the space of the garden area, it will not look harmonious and not aesthetically pleasing, tasteless, reminiscent of the wild thickets or abandoned phase of old grandfather, who a long time ago did not look into his garden and planted there everything that comes at hand, because it used to be so fashionable.

Before you start designing and planning something to plant, you need to think things over, put all the possible options in your head, weigh the pros and cons, consult with more competent people in this field.

Everything in our lives should be tasteful and meaningful, especially what surrounds us every day. In addition, asking for help from the company landscape design in Richmond Hill , you will save not only time, nerves, but also their savings, as the company’s specialists will choose a more profitable option for you, which in the future will not require additional investment, will help save your money from unnecessary spending and will insure you from making the wrong decisions.

The main objective of a specialist in the field of landscape gardening in Aurora

The main and main goal of our specialist is to cope with his work on an excellent, so that the client was satisfied, the result surpassed himself, and we could recommend other clients interested in landscaping site in Richmond Hill.

For this purpose, our employee needs to very well and carefully inspect the area where the landscaping will be located, check the climate that surrounds the area, in order to select all sorts of vegetation options that are most suitable for the climate and offer the client.

We all know very well that the plant will only grow properly and beautifully if it is comfortable, soil and climate are suitable for all. The plant’s vitality depends directly on the sun. If the area is darkened, you should select plants that prefer shade, penumbra, which cannot tolerate direct sunlight.

And there are plants which, on the contrary, love warm and bright rays of the sun, they just need them. Also, you need to take into account the humidity of the air, the presence of draughts. Non-compliance with such simple requirements can lead to improper plant development and even death.

Here’s another sign that you shouldn’t do this on your own so that your work isn’t in vain.

Another very important detail is knowledge of the soil composition, because all plants will only develop correctly in the soil that suits them best.

Fortunately, today you can influence the structure and composition of the soil on your own, enriching it with different micro and macro elements, adding to it certain components, sand, peat, lime, drainage, increase or decrease acidity, apply different types of fertilizers and valuable additives.

It is possible, even for some plant species that do not have a very developed root system, to completely replace the top soil layer. But for trees whose roots go deep enough, it is worth the effort, especially if the soil is stony.

In this case, the root system of the tree simply has nowhere to develop, and then it is imperative to dig a deep hole and fill it with appropriate soil.

It is worth paying special attention to bulk soils, because in such places, certainly planted trees will die. Here it is better not to plant tall plants with deep root system at all. Also, if the soil for salt is high, it is worth considering the degree of adaptation of plants to saline soil.

All these factors have a direct impact on the life and development of your site. That’s why a landscaper in Aurora with flora knows all the biological features of a plant, its root system and development in general, the peculiarities of the structure of the plant, it is necessary to select plantations for landscaping your area in Richmond Hill.

Another important factor is the presence of vegetation on the site, and the specialist should pay attention to this. There are cases when these plantations, perennial trees, beautiful shrubs are a priority and will be the main in the design of landscaping site in Aurora.

Finished vegetation should look as much as possible in the designed landscape design in Caledonia , and be sure to match the biological and organic indicators and properties of those plants that will be planted additionally.

It is also important to consider that some growing specimens may be rare, useful or expensive for humans, such as a planted tree to celebrate the birth of a child or grandchild, etc.

Ornamental plants – the basis for landscaping of the site in Aurora

Of course, the main and main element in the landscaping site in Richmond Hill is planting. Not only can they perform many useful functions, but they can also be used for different purposes. Perennial, coniferous and deciduous plants are mainly taken as a basis for the composition, but other trees, shrubs, tall plants can be divided by function into the following species:

  • group plantings;
  • alleys;
  • solitaire plantings;
  • groves and densely planted massifs;
  • hedges;
  • fences;
  • curbs.

Densely planted and tall trees are usually used infrequently, and this is mainly in large areas. But some still prefer to use this type of planting in their small yards, when, for example, there is a need to fence off the roadway and the urban view, create a maximum darkened area, etc.

If the plantation is carried out in a large area, then, basically, the existing trees are taken into account and, coming out of their appearance and appearance, our designers choose the rest of the vegetation.

Planting and greening of the site in the form of group planting is considered a common phenomenon. It is recommended to choose ornamental plants for such plantings. They will highlight the plant, which, so to speak, will grow at the head, occupy a dominant position on the plot.

The expert who will be engaged in formation of planting, it is necessary to consider a choice of plants by kind, group that they as much as possible approached each other on biological and physical properties, on the size, color, a way and time of flowering.

Consider the type of soil that should be suitable for all plants, if necessary, to supplement and nourish the soil with useful minerals and fertilizers. Consider the endurance of plants to the sun and moisture.

Maybe some plants prefer to water generously and some do not, or if you have automatic watering, then different species will not grow together in preference. Plants are also planted in the same way, if they are tall and wide, then you must take this into account and plant them at a great distance.

As a rule, the composition defines the center, the core, in which taller plants, trees begin to be planted and around it are planted in descending order of growth from the center of the plant. They also take into account the time of development, flowering and vegetation, selecting as many plants as possible to make them pleasing to the eye throughout the season.

Plants which flower beautifully and prefer to be planted outdoors in the sun, and plants which prefer shade in a darkened or semi-shaded area.

Shrubs are better planted in small areas, along fences, kerbs, ponds and artificial lakes.

Recently, hedges have not been planted as often as they used to be, but they are still used and are mainly uncut plants, beautifully growing and curly planted. There are also plants which need to be shaped so that they are more aesthetically pleasing. Living hedges also have useful functions, protecting the area from dust, dirt, noise and unnecessary glances.

Solitary plants and seedlings in Aurora

During the design of landscape design in Aurora, ordinary plantings, plantings are usually not used, as it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. First of all, to use an ordinary planting requires a large area to create a beautiful alley. Trees are selected in shape, type and size to create a perfect composition.

But the solitaire plants look better individually, they need to be placed so that guests and you can admire them yourself, so that its beauty is not obscured by other plantings. They look better on open lawns, glades, along an artificial river, for example, weeping willow near water bodies.

A beautiful low tree with a wide crown and underneath it a bench or swing will look great. This will create a more romantic and mysterious setting.

Combining and completing the landscaping phase of lawn in Caledonia

The Aurora lawn is, in fact, a unifying and final step in landscaping the site. It is planted last when all the architectural structures are ready and the plants are planted. It combines landscaping compositions in Richmond Hill, giving completeness and a sense of lightness and saturation.

In hot seasons it preserves moisture, lowers air temperature and retains dust. Richmond Hill Lawn emphasizes the beauty of your site, so it is an important and integral part of landscape design.

In general, you can emphasize that the main, important and integral parts of your site will be vegetation and lawn. Choosing the company “Captain Handy”, you will make the right decision, because our specialists will do their work perfectly and qualitatively, taking into account all your wishes and possibilities.

They will choose you an excellent and pleasing to the eye vegetation, will do something unimaginably beautiful with your plot. You will certainly be satisfied, and we guarantee the quality of goods and services.

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