Lawns flooring. If you want your yard to look beautiful, you can order the service "Lawns". The work will be done qualitatively and for an excellent price!

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Lawns. Lawn flooring

After the preparatory work, the lawns flooring. This is a very important activity. In order to ensure good acclimatisation, the edges of the rolls must not overlap. If there are trees, flowerbeds or flowerbeds on the surface of the lawns flooring, care must be taken. We try to repeat their contours as precisely as possible by cutting out the desired shape from the finished roll of grass.

Usually, a lawns flooring is laid on a surface that has already been prepared and has been cleared of construction debris, earth lumps and stones. Captain Handy performs a cycle of work to prepare the site for the laying of bales. If necessary, we remove part of the soil and replace it with fertile soil, apply fertilizer. The total cost of the lawn deck depends on the condition of the soil and the topography of the area. If surface leveling is required, the price increases.

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5.0 rating
   Paul B.   
2020 June 13

I think it’s great seeing my lawn at its best along with being able to know all natural fertilizers are being used.

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