Pergola in North York


The opening of the summer house season involves not only the beginning of land and planting works, but also rest in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And that the full value rest did not interfere with any inclement weather or the scorching sun, on the plot of land should get a small house or summer pergola in North York.

It is good that consists of a simple and light construction. In addition, a pergola in East York will not only be a protection from bad weather, but also a highlight of the site. The number of variants of summer pergola in North York summer pergola in North York is incredible both in design and price category.

Building a pergola in East York

The most budget material for the manufacture of pergola in North York remains unchanged wood. But despite the low cost, such a summer house will serve long enough. Especially if the wooden bars are also treated with various antiseptic impregnations, which will save the wooden structure not only from the effects of the environment, but also from unwanted wood pests and prevent fire.

Pergola in East York on the basis of metal structures will also serve more than one decade, but the cost of such an invention will be many times more expensive. And in addition, it will be necessary to periodically treat metal pipes with various protective means for metal.

Therefore, before building a pergola in York with your own hands, it is recommended to draw up an estimate and a drawing of the future design, which will include all measurements and materials to be made. And further it is necessary to familiarise with projects of constructions. So, how cheap and beautiful to make a summer arbor for recreation and what is necessary for this? Before construction, you need to choose a suitable place for the construction, where before starting work should be removed the top layer of land by about 10-15 cm and tamped.

But before its creation, some nuances should be considered. For example, if you make a foundation of concrete for a wooden pergola in North York, the service life of such a structure will not exceed 5 years. Since the long contact between wood and concrete leads to further rotting due to damage, despite the previous treatment with antiseptics. And, as a result, further destruction of the structure.

If you do decide to make the base of the structure concrete, it is recommended to place small metal pipes in the right places during casting, so that the ends are at least 30 cm from the base of the concrete. Further, they are made holes for fastening elements, which in the future will support the structure for many years.

For further protection against strong winds it is not necessary to build fences made of bricks. It will suffice to build a fence from a wagon about 80 cm high by strengthening it with two longitudinal bars. Such a fence will fully protect against gusty winds.

Polycarbonate pergola

Will protect from wind, sunlight and rain cellular polycarbonate will help. It can be easily sewn into a wooden pergola in East York. Cellular polycarbonate has a lot of positive qualities:

  • shatterproof;
  • waterproof;
  • sunscreen;
  • lightweight;
  • flexible;
  • type of color (from transparent to dark tones).

With the help of cellular polycarbonate you can not only enclose the pergola, but also build a quality fence in North York. In addition, it is not necessary to make a frame of wood, to the metal structure polycarbonate is attached no worse. When constructing a pergola in East York by hand, you can resort to the Internet. You can find a large number of photo arbours made of polycarbonate with full instructions for manufacturing.

The wooden or metal pergola in North York can be covered with a slate.

But there are a few nuances:

  • The arbor must be a multiple of one meter long.
  • The length of the structure is 1.75 meters.
  • During the laying of the slope in several rows, should be laid overlapping, about 10-15 cm.

Let’s find out how else we can build a summer pavilion with our own hands and consider cheap and beautiful projects.

How to build a pergola in York

The polycarbonate pergola is not only small, but also easy to make. For the construction of metal pergola in East York, you will need a corner of metal construction, a strip of metal, polycarbonate and planed board. And also it is necessary to pre-fill the base, having concreted in it corner supports. The next step is welding.

It is necessary to weld a corner from metal to the supports. One corner strip must be welded to the rods for the roof base. Two belts are to be welded to the middle part.

The roof of the pergola in East York will look magnificent from pieces of bitumen tiles. You just need panels of 3-4 pieces. They will serve as the basis for the future roof. The panels are quite rigid, even with a thickness of 10 mm. Therefore, no additional protection in the form of bars will be required. The panels can be fixed to the strapping bar of the structure.

This pergola does not need an additional frame frame, as it is quite light. The floor covering is usually reinforced with metal mesh, concrete screed. You can easily install a brazier on such a surface.

To use such a pergola in winter, it is recommended to insulate the floor with wood, and the walls are covered with honeycomb polycarbonate. In this way, this building will be protected from snow and rain ingress.

Tree garden pergola in East York

It’s not hard to build a garden pergola in East York with your own hands. Wooden structures look very beautiful and expensive. Using simple drawings and designs, it is possible to build a rather high quality and cheap pergola in York.

Building a wooden pergola in York will require materials such as:

  • timber 1 cm x 1 cm;
  • roofing sheets;
  • packing of self-tapping screws;
  • trimming boards;
  • slats.

The construction will require a screwdriver, circular and electric planks.

In such a gazebo you can build a safe place for the future barbecue or make a summer kitchen in North York.

Wood building in North York

To create a cheap and beautiful wooden structure in North York with your own hands, you should thoroughly explore all the nuances and understand all the intricacies of such arbours. So, how to build a summer mini-home in North York, consider the original project below.

For the future construction of a pergola in York from a wooden structure should make 11 excavations in the ground under the racks for further installation of a pillar foundation. For this purpose it is necessary to have a construction drill in the arsenal. Then, the hollows are filled with reinforcement strapping and filled with concrete.

Further work will be the assembly of the frame. With the help of metal corners, at a distance of half a tree, it will be necessary to fasten wooden bars with each other. Then, it is necessary to lay the lags under the flooring.

Floorboard installation in North York

Well, further work is already recommended that is related to the roof. For this purpose it is necessary to pre-fold all remaining structure along the whole length of the floor and place the rafter base in the centre of the structure.

  • Before installing the rafters, it is necessary to make saws on the pergola bases at the contact points and sign the products with a marker.
  • It is recommended to use building corners to fix the vertical posts. The perpendicularity of the post position must always be checked.
  • Then, the horizontal tie bars are mounted along the contour from the top and fastened with screws to the supporting logs.
  • All main parts for the final installation of the roof are tightened and fixed and the support must then be sawn flat in the middle.
  • Later on, the bedding is purlins and it is allowed to start installing the fireplace or making a summer kitchen in York.
  • Before doing so, prepare the strapping to the base so that you can install the battens afterwards.
  • The walls of the construction are covered with roofing felt for safety and filled with concrete.
  • After this procedure, when everything has dried up, it is possible to cover the walls with a wagon or a blockhouse.

The roof can also be covered with soft tiles and the interior decoration can be started. Pavilion can be painted in all sorts of bright colors to make it stand out from other buildings or just treat the protective impregnation and leave the structure of wood, which is now very fashionable.

Interior decoration can be done at your discretion, the main thing is to make it comfortable and cozy in the circle of family and friends.