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Pools, Spa, Hot Tubes

Swimming Pool Installation

A swimming pool or hot tub will make your back yard more fun, relaxing and enjoyable without having to step out of your home.

We have extensive knowledge in swimming pool installation so you can rest assured that your swimming pool will be designed and built to exacting standards as you have imagined. We have been building concrete and vinyl lined swimming pools in Toronto since 2012. Contact us for more information.

Lap Pool & Swim Spa Installation

Lap pools add great entertainment value to your home and are made of durable material to last and can be used year round.

Hot tubs, lap pools or swim spas are great for small back yards and can even be installed on roof top terraces. Hot tub installations are much faster than a full size in ground swimming pool. We at Captain Handy can incorporate it into your landscape, even build into a deck or add numerous features around it.

Waterfalls, Ponds & Fountains

Water features add life and tranquility to any back yard and conceal outside noises.

There are endless possibilities of different water features that can be installed. They can be prefabricated or made custom as small or as big as one can imagine. Over the years we built various kinds of waterfalls, ponds and fountains.


Proven performers

We carefully check and train our performers, closely monitor their rating


Insurance and liability

If something goes wrong, we will quickly recover the damage from our own reserve fund of 6 million $


Quality assurance

We fulfill each order under strict rules and quickly respond to your suggestions and complaints


Green Cleaning

Committed to protecting the health of every occupant on your property, we employ eco-friendly methods and certified green cleaning products

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