Rapid floor repair in Toronto and Ontario

Rapid floor repair in Toronto and Ontario with «Captain Handy» is confidence in quality repair work! We do all kinds of quality floor repair!

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The Rapid floor repair

How often do we decide to carry out major repairs? Perhaps once in ten years. And the first thing we pay attention to is the floor covering. If you’re tired of old flooring, feel free to call our Captain Handy and we’ll do a rapid floor repair in Toronto and Ontario! Our craftsmen will quickly and reliably replace the old floors with the new ones, choosing only the best flooring that will change the interior of your apartment forever.

Each employee of our company is an experienced and hardworking master, who is in love with his profession. Even the most extensive works are not afraid of us. It may be a small house, or a huge supermarket or production. Our masters carry out qualitative rapid floor repair in Toronto in any room.

How do you floor repair in Toronto and Ontario?

Of course, no serious repair work on the floor in Toronto can do without a clear plan. So, we carry out repair of floors in several stages:

  • Dismantling of the old coating.
  • Floor primer for better adhesion of the material to the substrate. Processing with sewn solutions.
  • Filling the floor screed.
  • Installation of flooring in Toronto. This may be a filler floor, linoleum, laminate, parquet, carpet, etc.

We are engaged in repair of all kinds of floors: wooden, concrete, liquid, etc.

We guarantee quality floor repair in Toronto!

Our masters will carry out any floor repair in Toronto. The main thing for us is the result that the customer will certainly like. We with all seriousness concern each put problem and we carry out it precisely in time because we understand, how unpleasant there are any delays. Why is it worth contacting “Captain Handy”?

  • We use only the best materials, we choose them ourselves and bring them to the object.
  • Perform quality work in a pre-agreed time.
  • All repairs are performed only by professional craftsmen with extensive experience.
  • We use modern equipment.
  • We always listen to all ideas of the customer and try to translate them into reality.
  • We carry out repair of floors not only in the house, but also in large premises: stores, enterprises, etc.
  • We have the most affordable prices for all kinds of repair services.

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