Repair of a children room in Toronto and Ontario

Repair of a children room in Toronto and Ontario with our company will have a number of following benefits: ✅ room repair costs for the children's room, ✅ distinctive design, ✅ interior for boys and girls, ✅ and much more

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Repair of a children room in Ontario

It is extremely important for all parents, in what conditions his child will live. And any family tries to make more efforts to make their kids feel comfortable and comfortable in their own room, and also that it is unique and suitable for the tastes and aspirations of the child. Since the children room baby spends a significant part of his life: dozing off, playing all kinds of games, doing lessons, spending time with friends – then do repair of a children room in Toronto should be balanced and careful.

To choose the colors to renovation the children room in Ontario should be guided by the preferences of the baby. Younger guys like clear colors that awaken their imagination. For older children should choose more subdued colors, excessively bright colors can have an excessive effect on the nervous system of the baby. Especially since over the years, children’s preferences change, and the room with neutral colors is easier to change to the fresh tastes of the owner.

It is also necessary to consider the gender of the baby. Repair and interior of the children’s room for boys can be made in the form of a room on a pirate ship or space shuttle. Little girls will fit a room in the form of a “magic castle” or “palace of fairies”. It will be most difficult to choose the interior, when the room is inhabited by children of different ages or gender. In such cases, you need to choose a more discreet and concise style.

Choosing interior design for a children’s room in Toronto, loving parents aspire to make for it a cosy home environment. And this is very correct. Since the correct finishing of the children’s room on the side of color palette and selection of forms and textures is a significant contribution to maintaining a cozy emotional climate of your baby.

Repair of a children room in Ontario must meet all aspects of safety, including:

  • All building materials must be certified for quality and be environmentally friendly.
  • Electrical wiring should be mounted in walls so that it is out of reach of the child, and sockets should be equipped with integrated child protection. When installing the switch, it should be located no higher than 110 cm from the floor, so that a child 3 – 4 years old has the opportunity to turn on the light, entering his own room.
  • When installing the windows, the experts of our company pay attention to the presence on their handles of stoppers and additional locking device, as well as a securely fixed mosquito net.
  • It is desirable to make the installation of shockproof luminaires of a closed view. That is, the child’s access to the incandescent lamp will be restricted.
  • It is preferable to choose furniture with rounded corners or put protection from sharp corners.
  • Lack of lock on the inside of the door

Simple safety rules will play a significant role in everyday life for the well-being of your baby.

Repair of a children room in Ontario is implemented in several stages:

  1. Dismantling works. Professionals of our company “Captain Handy” will remove linoleum, shield parquet, screed, plaster, etc.
  2. Screwing the walls with the next electric cable laying.
  3. Dismantling or installation of interior partitions.
  4. Ceiling covering device.
  5. Plastering of walls and ceiling.
  6. Pouring the cement-sand tie.
  7. Plastering and priming walls and ceilings.
  8. Installation of door partitions.
  9. Installation of the system “warm floors”.
  10. Installation of tile flooring.
  11. Painting or wallpapering ceilings and walls.
  12. Installation of sockets, switches and lighting fixtures.
  13. Installation of water heating radiators
  14. Laying parquet with the next installation of skirting boards.
  15. Assembly and installation of furniture and important equipment.

The child will feel harmonious when choosing the right color palette of walls. Repair of a children room, the images of which you can see on our website, is a selection of wallpaper in a variety of colors and ornaments. A competent artist of our company can help you make the interior of your dreams. His experience will tell the client that the bright colors in the nursery are good only in small quantities. Much better option will be the choice of pastel colors for wall painting, which the artist skillfully dilute with bright decorative details and joyful toys. The baby will feel comfortable in this environment, quietly falling asleep in the evenings.

A good option for the ecological floor in the children’s room will be a choice of cork, parquet or natural linoleum. Rooms with newborn babies should not be covered with a carpet. It is notable for its ability to collect dust.

Ceiling has always been considered one of the more flexible tools with which the designer can implement a unique creative idea. Using quality materials, professionals of our company will help you transform the ceiling into a true sky or depict a map of the starry sky. Repair of a children room includes installation of a false ceiling, which will allow you to set the ceiling of interesting shape with all sorts of variations of lights.

Benefits of working with “Captain Handy” company

“Captain Handy” is a faithful provider of turnkey home renovation services, particularly children’s rooms for boys or girls, for two children and more.

At each moment of construction our company uses only modern environmentally friendly building materials.

As a rule, repair of a children room in Ontario involves combining several different functions in a small room. Its little inhabitant is dozing off, playing, doing lessons, and in the presence of a sports corner has the opportunity to go in for sports. Parents have the goal of zoning the room. In order for our highly qualified specialists have helped the client in the implementation of fashionable interior of the nursery, he needs to make a decision on subsequent issues:

  1. What is the color palette of the room?
  2. In what way division of a room into functional zones will take place: divisions by a different floor covering, colouring of walls or a building form?
  3. Take into account all your ideas and wishes.

Repair of children’s room prices

The cost of repairing the children’s room in Toronto, as well as any other room depends on the materials selected and the difficulty of design room for young residents of the room.

In our company you can order a children’s room repair in Ontario for your child very inexpensive. This means that we will help you pick up rational options for decoration, ie, and inexpensive and environmentally friendly material that is not dangerous for the health of babies.

Also with us you can order a unique design repair of the children’s room, our designers will realize all the dreams of your child.

All types of repair and finishing work we will perform perfectly and on time and at a loyal price. We will provide all your ideas and requests.

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