Repair of a house in Toronto and Ontario

Repair of a house in Toronto and Ontario - if you haven't done it in a long time, you've found a great company for it! Captain Handy is the best in the business! Great prices and quality of work! Give us a call!

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Repair of a house

Sooner or later any house requires repair. And, it does not matter at all whether it is a major repair of the house or a cosmetic one, it must be carried out qualitatively and in compliance with all technologies. After all, any home should be comfortable, functional, safe and cozy. Such, where it would be pleasant to spend time with your family.

That is why, “Captaim Handy” takes care of all repair work and offers its services for the repair of houses and cottages “turnkey” of any complexity and scale. With each client we work individually, taking into account all his wishes, and therefore often exceed all expectations, you can go to the gallery of completed works of houses and cottages.

What types of repairs we carry out:

  • Cosmetic repairs of the house

A set of services for all kinds of finishing works (walls, floor, ceiling) and removal of old coatings. This type of repair does not include engineering and installation activities and redevelopment.

  • Major repairs of the house

It implies a full range of repair and finishing works: redevelopment, dismantling, installation or replacement of structural elements, engineering systems, plumbing, alignment of walls, floor and ceiling, finishing and electrical installation work, installation of windows and doors. It is also possible to strengthen the foundation of the building, rafters, beams, turnkey repair in Toronto or replacement of the ceiling, insulation and facade work.

  • VIP-repair

Includes individual design project, redevelopment, dismantling works, installation and replacement of engineering systems and plumbing, finishing and electrical installation work, installation of floor screed, alignment of walls and ceiling, assembly and installation of furniture and equipment. In addition, VIP-repair involves insulation, installation of windows and doors, work on reconstruction and strengthening of the foundation, rafters, facade and roof.

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