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Together with Specialists we determine  repair of the bedroom in Ontario with interior style, choose reliable and environmentally friendly finishing materials and create a comfortable microclimate in the bedroom.

Repair of the bedroom is the most important stage of general repair. Your daily well-being depends on how comfortable and healthy the environment here will be. Together with the company “Captain Handy” we tell you how to make the repair wisely and achieve maximum comfort.

How to maintain health and create comfort when repairing a bedroom?

    Use natural building and finishing materials, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. They are also called “breathable”. This is wood of all kinds, cork, paper, fabric, veneer, concrete, brick, glass, stone, bamboo, tile, porcelain tile. They will help to make quality repair of the bedroom and more safe. Cheap paints, varnishes and mastics, which include heavy metals, are dangerous for your health;

    Ensure fresh air circulation: avoid layered curtains, complex decorations and floor coverings. Leave a minimum of furniture;

    Avoid coverings in bright and glossy shades. This will not only help you be more relaxed, but also help you make cheap repair of the bedroom. You should be careful to use huge mirrors on the ceiling and walls, if you believe in feng shui and folk tradition. For relaxation and good sleep, the quiet colors and muted tones of the decor are suitable;

    Do not limit yourself to the upper light in the form of a huge chandelier. It is more convenient to have more local light sources and pass switches to turn off general light from lying position.

How to choose a design style? Repair of a bedroom in Toronto.

  • If the bedroom is small, bet on hi-tech, minimalism or Scandinavian style. Why? The fewer items in the interior, the more spacious and airy the room will seem;
  • The interior of a large rectangular bedroom will be suitable for Renaissance, classical, eclectic styles. What is important? Arrange lockers, dressers, armchairs along the walls without cluttering the central space;
  • The spacious bedroom has classics, provence, country, loft, Scandinavian style. All are based on the use of natural materials in decoration and finishing: tapestries, carpets, fabrics, porcelain, glass;
  • The eclecticism, loft, Scandinavian style are ideal for the studio. Mix different style items when repairing a bedroom. The award will be the maximum functionality with a minimum amount of furniture.

How to arrange wiring during a bedroom repair?

  • Bedside lamps should have switches at arm’s length, and for overhead light, provide several modes of operation. For this purpose, a dimmer is suitable;
  • Bypass switches are needed: with their help you can turn on and off the top light from two or more different locations. This is convenient;
  • The more switches and sockets you have, the better. Above the bed, make three switches in the center: a pass-through switch for overhead light in the middle, on the left and on the right for bedside lamps;
  • Heaters and air conditioners will provide comfortable temperature conditions. Schedule a socket outlet for them and you don’t have to live with extension cords.

Which ceiling is easier to make? Renovation in Ontario.

The most usual variant of finishing is painting with interior water emulsion paints. To make the paint lay even, the ceiling will have to be plastered and putty beforehand. Ceiling repairs in Ontario can be done by our Specialists.  You can choose the desired shade in a specialized store that offers coloring services.

It is easy to perform the painting: on the prepared surface of the ceiling, apply a few layers of paint with a wide paint roller. After each coat, let the ceiling dry out. Apply the next layer perpendicular to the previous one, and you will get an even color.

Another option is a plasterboard hinged ceiling. A special frame is attached to the ceiling, which includes brackets and guide elements – carrying U-profiles and binding C-profiles. Plasterboard slabs are already mounted to them.

This ceiling is heavy, so it should be attached to the floor slabs very carefully, using anchor bolts 100-120 mm. However, the ceiling made of drywall allows you to organize different levels, as well as get a complex system of built-in lighting for a more diverse lighting scenarios for the room. And our company will help you make a quality repair of the bedroom with any kind of ceiling.

What kind of wallpaper can I use when repairing a bedroom in Toronto?

    Paper wallpapers. The main advantages are a wide range of colors and textures, environmental friendliness, ease of gluing. However, paper wallpaper will not work if the bedroom is too sunny: the paper will quickly fade into the sun.

    Vinyl. Durable and durable. A significant disadvantage – do not let air in. It is true that there is already on sale hard vinyl wallpaper, which does not have such a disadvantage, but they cost more.

    Fleaselin wallpapers. It is the best option for finishing the bedroom walls. The wallpaper is air permeable, easy to glue, environmentally friendly. The only drawback is that they require a perfectly flat original surface. Our specialists will help to get rid of this disadvantage, who will make a quick renovation the bedroom in Toronto.

    Textile. In fact, this is paper wallpaper (base), on which the threads of fabric are attached. The result is a coating with high thermal and acoustic insulation, environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch. The disadvantage is that it attracts dust and requires special care for the coating.

From the ecological point of view, three other options are attractive.

    Fabric upholstery. Flax and cotton are used for covering. The advantages are environmental friendliness, heat and sound insulation. Minuses – complicated care: it is necessary to vacuum the covering regularly.

    Wooden panels. Bribes 100% naturalness of the material. And wood creates a natural microclimate in the room and maintains optimal humidity and temperature. Plus we note the durability: the service life of quality panels – at least 50 years.

    Soft wall panels. Rather new type of finishing material, which consists of three layers: the base – hard plastic or wood, padding – heat and sound insulation material, the outer layer – leather or fabric. Advantages of soft wall panels: unique appearance, pleasant tactile sensations, a high degree of heat and sound insulation. The disadvantages include their high cost and difficulty in care – dust accumulates. They are also easy to damage.

Which flooring is greener? Repair a bedroom in Ontario.

The following are used as the finishing flooring in bedroom repairs: laminate, solid, flooring, parquet, engineering board or parquet, carpet, cork. Let us consider the pros and cons of different materials.


  1. Pros: high strength and wear resistance, easy to stow, reasonable price.
  2. Minuses: high demands on the base surface for laying.
  3. Ecology: some low quality varieties can release harmful compounds into the air. Absolutely safe flexible laminate with vinyl coating.

Board, parquet

  1. Pros: maintains a natural microclimate due to hygroscopic: the coating absorbs and gives away moisture. Aesthetically appealing material.
  2. Minuses: the material is afraid of moisture and requires serious maintenance in operation, expensive in price (except for parquet and engineering board). Installation requires the participation of specialists.
  3. Eco-friendliness: solid and parquet are the most ecological materials, but on condition that the lacquer is selected correctly. It must be as safe as possible. Eco-friendliness of the parquet and engineering board depends on the composition binding their layers.


  1. Pros: warm coating, creates an attractive appearance, easily stackable, a wide range of colors.
  2. Disadvantages: requires constant and painstaking care, expensive in terms of cost.
  3. Ecology: quality carpet is absolutely safe, but not hypoallergenic. It is dangerous to microorganisms, which are often woven in its fibers. This disadvantage is not present in bamboo carpet.


  1. Pros: pleasant, soft, warm, springs under your feet – a relief for the spine. Decorative and hypoallergenic.
  2. Minuses: afraid of sharp objects. Need a thorough preliminary preparation: the base should be clean, dry and flat.
  3. Ecological: the material itself is 100% ecological. But it is put on the glue, the degree of “harm” depends on its quality. Cork parquet loses its eco-friendliness: it is made of crumb, which is bonded with synthetic resins.

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