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Sandstone blocks and building blocks are one of the services of our company, which can be ordered at a very attractive price! We do sandstone block work throughout Ontario!

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Sandstone blocks for construction and masonry: large blocks

 Construction with natural stones is becoming more and more popular. Sandstone blocks is leading the way among them. Large blocks are used to erect buildings and masonry.

Features of the use of large sandstone blocks

The increased density and strength makes it possible to use large stones for foundation construction. Fragments from 40 to 70 cm in length are chosen for this purpose. When masonry works, the same technology is used as for other wall blocks.

The main thing is correct preparation of the mortar. For this purpose, a special tile adhesive is added to the mixture of sand and cement. In terms of volume, the amount of adhesive should be equal to sand. Not diluted glue is undesirable, as it will make the structure airtight.

Advantages and disadvantages of large sandstone blocks

Advantages of the mineral in construction:

  • decorative effect;
  • durability and resistance to negative environmental factors (precipitation, wind, extreme temperatures);
  • easily processed (sawing, grinding) and has a non-slippery surface;
  • resistant to abrasion and wear, no maintenance required;
  • reasonable price.

The building material has one drawback: high specific weight (2300-2600 kg per m. cube).

Building from a block of sandstone at a bargain price can be in our company. Read our blog!

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5.0 rating

One review for Sandstone Blocks

5.0 rating
2020 May 29

I wanted to find a quality construction company because I had a bad wall inside my yard (like a flower bed, only slightly higher). I found these guys and they told me to order a sandstone blocks service, which just included my problems. The work was quick and good, thanks to Alex!

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