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The idea of a small bathroom renovations will be useful for homeowners who want to replace the old, no longer trendy bathroom design with a modern and stylish place to relax. Small redevelopment and cosmetic repairs can significantly change the appearance. This article contains inspiring ideas and tips for creative design techniques that you can use for your home.

Small bathroom renovations – where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to think over the general concept of design. You need to decide whether you want a shower, which in our time is more popular, or a bath. How much space you need to store, and more. You need to make a layout. Ideas for small bathroom renovations will help to create a beautiful, bright and functional bathroom.

Choosing colors is worth knowing about the nature of color and how it affects the person. Of course, you need to make sure that the colors you like are suitable for the style you like too. For example, yellow and orange are not typical colors for industrial decors.

Keep in mind that when you make a small bathroom renovations, it is better not to use dark colors, as they significantly affect the visual perception of the room and make its size smaller. The optimal solution for your modest bathroom is to use light colors. However, the palette is not limited to white colors only, you can use calm neutral colors, pastel colors or combine soft shades that complement each other.

Remember that not all colors can be used for small spaces. The best option is to combine no more than three colors or one color in three different shades – light, middle and dark.

Properly selected finishing materials for walls, floor and ceiling, will help to expand the visual space, making it cozy and interesting. From a practical point of view, ceramic tiles are always a good choice for walls. Choose the size of the tile carefully, as large tiles can reduce the visual space.

Glossy ceramic tiles have a good visual effect and expand the space with a smooth reflecting surface. Brighter colors add volume, and beige, blue, purple, cream tiles are perfect for a small bathroom.

Pastel shades are also a good choice, as they fill the room with comfort.

Fans of contrast combinations should be very careful not to get carried away. If you prefer to break the monotonous look, think about using contrasting colors on opposite walls. Mosaic tiles work perfectly in confined spaces.

With mosaic tiles you can identify functional areas near a toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, mirror, etc. Again, this does not mean that you need to use several colors for each zone. One of the design methods that works perfectly in small bathrooms is to create an accent wall.

The best solution will be to use the back wall and you can add color to the whole wall or colored stripes. This way, you will add depth of visualization and visual interest. The floor covering should be monochrome.

 This works especially well in long and narrow bathrooms, with concrete, stone slabs and tiled floors, and gives the feeling of open space. A barrier-free shower will significantly improve the open feeling and visual appeal of a small space. Do not use hanging, artificial or other ceiling structures that take the height of the bathroom.

You should use all possible ceiling space as it adds to the volume of the bathroom.

Lighting. Small bathroom renovations in Toronto.

Lighting is important for small rooms. It’s best if you have natural light, of course. When calculating artificial light, make sure you choose luminaires that provide bright but not dazzling light.

You can use spotlights, built-in luminaires, fluorescent energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lighting, but the main goal is that they (one type or mixed type of lighting) provide sufficient brightness. Using light to separate functional areas can significantly change the appearance after a small bathroom renovations. Most often it is mirror areas that are given special attention, as women need enough light to apply makeup in the morning or remove it in the evening.

  The original version of bathroom lighting – niche lighting. If there are shelves or other lockers in the room, try to build into them spotlights. Beautiful will look glare on glossy surfaces, due to the reflection of rays the room will be filled with depth.

Do not forget about the bulb above the mirror – it will serve as an additional source of light and decoration for a small room. It would be good to leave at least a small window in the bathroom, so that during the day there was natural light and you could save money by reducing energy costs.

Thus, with a combination of natural light from window openings, a sufficient number of artificial light sources and light pastel shades in the interior, you can achieve a visual extension of borders in the result of a small bathroom renovations in Toronto.

Decoration of walls during a small bathroom renovations

Traditional wall decoration with mosaics or mosaic tiles can be replaced with more interesting and modern solutions. For example, consider one of the following options for wall decoration:

  • porcelain tile;
  • cork lining;
  • panels made of plastic;
  • agglomerate stone;
  • wooden finish, impregnated with special waterproofing compounds.

If you choose a glossy coating, you should consider that it shows more clearly the traces of damage and scratches, and matte materials are more resistant to wear. It is best to use no more than 3 shades that match each other in the finishing of walls.

Decoration of the ceiling during the small bathroom renovations.

Among the options for ceiling decoration is most often preferred coloring. But you do not need to stop at a standard solution. It is better to give up multi-level ceilings in a small space, nevertheless, you have a wide choice:

  • plastic panels or siding;
  • stretched fabric;
  • slats;
  • cassettes;
  • waterproof wallpaper.

The most important property of the material for ceiling design should be moisture resistance. After all, there will be no mechanical impact on the ceiling, and high humidity should not contribute to the formation of divorce, fungus and mold on the selected material.

What kind of floor should be. Small bathroom renovations ideas.

The main point to pay attention to when choosing the floor in the bathroom is safety. Among modern finishing materials, you can choose an elegant and practical alternative to slippery tiles. To reduce the risk of falling to a minimum, consider the following finishing materials for the floor:

  • Ceramic tiles with anti-slip properties;
  • condensed waterproof linoleum;
  • natural stone flooring;
  • poured floor with relief surface;
  • laminate with water-repellent properties.

Small bathroom renovations in Ontario – choice of furniture and equipment.

Accessories and jewelry should be used only as accents. Remember the main rule of minimalism – Less! When you do small bathroom renovations, you need to choose only a few accents that improve the theme of the decor – exotic shell, painting, plant, etc.

 Avoid cluttering the space with unnecessary objects. You can choose a beautiful set of bathroom accessories, which will be functional and serve as a decoration.

To begin with, you need to decide whether to install a full bathroom bowl or just a shower cabin. To make a choice in favor of the first can be recommended to those families that live in small children or elderly people.

More economical not only in terms of space, but also in terms of water consumption solution will be the installation of a shower cabin. The latest models are designed with maximum comfort and relaxation in mind. For those who still need a bath, we recommend installing an angled or curved version to save space.

It is best to mount the washbasin directly into the cabinet, to pick up a small rectangular or square washbasin by its shape. It is recommended to hide the tank from the toilet bowl deep into the wall, and if there is no such possibility in your apartment, look for the variant with a high and narrowed tank.

It is possible to put a washing machine even in a small size bathroom. For this purpose, try to build it under a water heater or sink, in the extreme case, place it above the toilet. But here you need to connect the dirty water flow correctly – it should not go into the plumbing, but only directly into the sewer, otherwise the plumbing will quickly fail and the pipes will clog.

    It is appropriate and convenient to hang shelves for bath accessories on the walls. Laundry dryer can be installed under the ceiling or a folding option, which after use will be stored in a small niche. For towels you should find a place in a closed shelving, where they will be protected from dust and moisture and will remain pleasant and fresh.

Secrets and nuances for more space

Possible ways to increase the space in the bathroom:

  1. Furniture to order. If the room is small, you will find it difficult to choose the right size of furniture. So take advantage of the service of designers who will think about the interior, taking into account the needs of your family.
  2. Bathroom, built into a niche and finished with the same tiles as the floor. This solution will visually expand the volume of the room through the flow of colors.
  3. Suspended toilet bowl. This compact version will bring lightness to the space and innovative spirit to the atmosphere of the room.

Corner plumbing – sinks, showers, and even baths in this version – is another idea that will help you to manage the space and save space. You can also address to professionals who have extensive experience in small bathroom renovations. Our specialists of the company “Captain Handy” will make cheap small bathroom renovations in Ontario.

To order a quality small bathroom renovations, just call us or leave a request on the website in the “Rnovation”“Bathroom renovation”.

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