Stair railing in Toronto


LadStair railing in Toronto made of stainless steel are very practical, but in many cases they require additional materials such as glass, wood or plastic. This is most often due to the specific design of the room and its purpose, or the desire to further connect the interior and stainless steel fences.

Glass is a good substitute for crossbar filling between racks. Its addition to the steel structure may be due to functional reasons (glass provides better child safety, prevents small objects from falling down, provides wind protection in open spaces), but in most cases it is due to design and status considerations. Stainless steel stair railing in Toronto with transparent and tinted glass is suitable for commercial and office spaces, as well as transportation hubs. Modern glass is safe and suitable for areas with high passability. However, you shouldn’t think stainless steel stair railing in Toronto with glass is only good for official and public facilities.

Modern technology allows you to give the glass a variety of shapes, paint it in any color, apply a sandblasted pattern on it or glue the film with a pattern – your imagination is not limited to anything here, and the price of this product is no longer beyond the standard framework due to increased competition in the market and the constant cheapening of technology sometimes at the expense of quality. Fantasy glass on the railing can be a highlight of your interior, or successfully complement the design of the room cafe, club, school, etc.

Stair railing

Modern technologies of hardening and bonding allow to use glass not only as an insert in railing, but also as steps, racks and handrails, or all-glass self-supporting construction – such an element is suitable for high-tech interiors.

Wood is usually used as a stainless steel railing insert to avoid touching cold steel. This solution is suitable for the country house, for children’s institution, as well as for any other interior where you want to achieve a special coziness and comfort.

Stair railing in Ontario

Plastic is more suitable for handrails in buildings with high cross-country ability as it is durable and easy to use. Plastic in the form of monolithic polycarbonate can also replace the bolt filling between the racks – its main advantage here over glass is that it is absolutely safe and shockproof.

Stair railing in Toronto is combined with plastic, wood and glass, making it convenient, beautiful and affordable.

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