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Wood stairs in Toronto. Types and benefits

Wood stairs in Toronto to the second floor look logical, because it is one of the most famous materials for the manufacture of staircase structures. It has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

If you decide to order a wooden staircase to your home, it will be useful to know its characteristics.

What’s the benefit?

Minuses of wooden constructions:

– eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, the ladder made of wood is non-toxic and 100% safe for humans and the environment of wood species, while observing the rules of operation serve for decades;
– appropriately treated (painting, varnishing), requires minimum care;
– the array is quite easy to process, which means that such a staircase can implement almost any design idea.
Table 1
  • Badly tolerate temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • Over time, they squeak even with the highest quality assembly.
  • Restoring a wooden staircase is not cheap.
  • Life span is limited

From this point of view, wood is inferior in reliability and durability to materials such as metal and concrete. And how to be, not to do ladders only from metal and concrete? That’s right. From metal or concrete the basis of a ladder, its skeleton is executed. And steps and covering are classically made of wood. For example, steps from a birch will serve more than 20 years before the first restoration. Such technology allows you to combine the aesthetics of natural wood and the strength of steel and concrete.

Thus, staircases on a concrete or metal base are the best in strength and durability

It’s straight. This is a Wood stairs in Toronto to the second floor, the design of which does not involve turns and bends. It is easy to manufacture, has a low cost, as reliable and safe as possible. The only disadvantage is that it requires a lot of free space for installation, not suitable for houses with limited space.

Spiral staircase in Toronto. It is the most common variant of the staircase construction with one or more marches. The swivel staircase to the second floor in oetal, it is somewhat more difficult to produce, but with a competent professional approach does not create problems in installation and especially – in operation.

A screwdriver. Undoubtedly, the most elegant version of the wooden stairs to the house, in fact – is a variety of leaning on the inner pole, perimeter walls, bent awnings and fences. Spiral staircase is a compact solution, which, however, requires a particularly careful approach to manufacture and installation.

Outdoor stairs in Toronto

First of all, you should understand that the outdoor stairs in Toronto creates a special emphasis on your front door. That is why you should design this area as well as possible. Also, at first glance it may seem that the external staircases are no different from the internal ones. But this is far from the case. The exterior stairs in Toronto is subject to very strong weather conditions. Day after day a variety of atmospheric phenomena such as direct sunlight, temperature changes, rain and snow and so on, reduce the performance of your stairs. In order to protect your stairs you should use the following secrets.

  • It is best to build a protective canopy over the external staircase, which will cover it at least from such aggressive factors as rain, snow and hail. Also, the wood stairs in Toronto on the street should be impregnated with water repellent and made of moisture resistant material, if possible antiseptic.
  • Special attention should be paid to the foundation of the stairs. There is no need to save on the foundation and make it finely blurred. Such a foundation for a staircase in winter can tilt and rise, because the soil in which the columns of such a foundation are twisted can change its structure. But if you still want such a foundation, then remember that in front of the door to the entrance must be arranged in a log cabin threshold. That way, your stairs in Toronto will not jam the door as you go up.
  • All elements of wooden stairs must be isolated from the foundation. You can do this by laying a layer of waterproofing material between the foundation and the stairs. The stairs should also be painted with waterproof varnishes and paints. After all, wood is very susceptible to fungal diseases and rotting. Do not forget to also ensure the fire resistance of your stairs by impregnating it with special compounds.
  • Keep in mind that for every outdoor stairs in Toronto you need to build a drainage system so that rainwater doesn’t accumulate and destroy your stairs. Also for the same purpose it is possible to construct steps of ladders under some slope, so water will flow down independently.
  • The cladding of external staircases should be made of quality materials, without cracks and gaps. If you want your wooden staircase construction not to be in vain, then choose a frost resistant material for wooden stairs. Also use a rougher texture so you don’t have to slippery slope down the stairs.

Cost of the wood stairs in Toronto

The cost of stairs in Toronto is impossible to say for sure. It all depends on many factors, but we can say for sure that it is our company, the cost of stairs in Toronto you will love!

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