Wall repair in Toronto and Ontario

βœ…Wall repair is very simple but at the same time significant work, because the walls are everywhere and hide their defects is difficult. But do not worry, the company "Captain Handy" will help you.βœ…

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The Wall repair

Smooth walls are an excellent basis for further implementation of stylish design. Even with the most beautiful design project and uneven walls you may not achieve the desired effect. Curvature of walls, cracks and other deformations only exacerbate the situation, which is why we offer wall repair in Toronto.

A wide range of modern finishing materials allows you to realize the device walls in a variety of ways. Someone prefers to use foam blocks, someone more pleasant to work with bricks. However, more and more people order the wall repair from drywall. The popularity of this service is easy to explain.

Drywall and its profiles are affordable and easy to install. Some people even dare to perform these works on their own, without involving professional craftsmen. Today a lot of master classes on how to make drywall walls are available on the Internet. Nevertheless, a qualified specialist will cope with this task much faster and with better quality. The price for the work will not be high.

Of course, in most cases, drywall walls are erected in order to distinguish the space and create separate rooms / rooms. For greater comfort, the sound and thermal insulation of these structures is made.

However, there are cases when the house or cottage requires a false wall.  As a rule, it is erected with a decorative purpose to transform the space. Often in such structures are made separate niches, used to store various items and accessories. Also, a decorative wall made of drywall may be backlit.

Let’s look at the main reasons for wall repair made of drywall.

  • Temperature and humidity differences in the room during the opening and subsequent installation of drywall. As a result, the sheets are deformed and tiny cracks appear at the joints.
  • Non-observance of technology in the process of installing drywall, such as the use of components (profiles, fasteners, putties) from another line, which is incompatible in its parameters with your purchased sheets.
  • Initially used a poor quality thin profile and bad self-tapping screws without an anti-corrosion layer.
  • You may not have followed the necessary gap parameters. The distance between the joints of cladding, partitions and ceilings should not be less than 400mm, and between solid foundations (base walls, floor, ceiling) and drywall sheets 2-5mm.
  • Drywall ceilings may start to crack if you used plastic or spring suspension instead of steel plugs was of poor quality.
  • Improper storage of drywall sheet.

Wall repair with “Captain Handy” company

In order to prepare any room for professional and further successful repair, you need to take care of the walls. Quality wall repair in Ontario is almost the main stage of repair and construction work.

For this set of works to be carried out qualitatively, we recommend using the services of highly qualified specialists. The company “Captain Handy” is ready to offer you a quality performance of construction and repair work of any level of complexity.

We can perform repair of walls in the house, as well as perform the front of complex works on repair of the premises. A well-coordinated team of professionals will work for you. We are fully responsible for all processes. You will not need to spend time looking for highly specialized workers.

One of the competitive advantages of the company “Captain Handy” is that we strictly observe all agreed terms. Cooperation with us will give you the opportunity to enjoy the results of high-quality repair work in time. Also, we have behind us more than one year of experience in repair and construction, with some of the work you can see in the section Gallery, as well as in the section Services to see what services we can provide you.

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5.0 rating
   Wall repair
2021 January 7

We have been to this company for renovation, we were very satisfied, the work was done cleanly, without delays and extra costs. We will definitely do it again in the future!

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